#FreeComicBookDay2015 Bayan Beasties`First Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day with my Beasties

Free Comic Book Day with my Beasties

Hello Sweeties!

I love komiks, I learned to love reading because I grew up being encouraged to read comic books by both my Mom and Dad. This year I took my beasties to attend their first Free Comic Book Day at Fullybooked Bonifacio High Street Branch.

Unlike most I don`t have an extensive collection of comic books, but I do attend book launches and Komikons whenever possible. I never thought about the Free Comic Book Day as a big deal since most of the books I want are manga and Pinoy Komiks. But I am curious about the devotion comic loves have to get their comic choices.


I have been monitoring the Free Comic Book Day FB page so I am aware that people have started lining up the day before the actual event! Talk about devotion and will! They woke up as early as 5:00 AM to wait in line for us to grab out free comics. By 7:30AM the time we arrived, the line for the entrance was zig zagging all over Hight Street. This is ok because Fullybooked made it a point to open their doors early for the comic devotees.


Beasties and I have a groupie photo while waiting. Notice I am not glammed up that day, this is not deliberate, my kids were just in a rush to leave the house that I did not even have time to put gloss! lol


Free Magnum Minis for those who attended

Free Magnum Minis ice cream to keep us all cool and I also heard they had Jamba Juice as well, we left early so I am not sure.


We also wrote on tarp to thank the Fullybooked and Comic Odyssey staff for being so accommodating.

Great artwork on these sign up wall

You might be wondering why we spent out day lining up for comics, when we could be doing other things. Well, like I mentioned I love comics, my parents started me out reading those large illustrated and sometimes colorful Comics.

According to Manfred J. von Vulte, Deputy Headmaster, Northmount School and Canadian Director of the Comic Book Project there are 10 Reasons why we should encourage our kids to read comic books. Here is my summed up version of the article.

1. It will increase their vocabulary
2. It will help they practice their memory skill
3. It will introduce them to a non-linear story telling
4. It is a great introduction to reading
5. It will help them learn about character development
6. Young readers will easily understand the plot points
7. It will spark their imagination and encourage them to write
8. A great introduction to new and fantastic world
9. It will expand their imagination
10. Believe it or not it will improve their test scores!

Check out the full article here.

F6Our collective haul from #FreeComicBookDay2015, Not bad for our first time!



Jarod posing on the TMNT Wall, He had so much fun posing.

F5We finally got to complete the manga I have been wanting to collect for the longest time. at 20% off, also this Komik Anthology for kids that I got for my son Jarod.

It was a great Free Comic Book Day #FCBD2015 for me and the beasties, I must admit I would have liked if they had all the titles available for us since we missed out on some of them when we got inside. Maybe next year, we will line up earlier, also we would like to go to the other locations and wait for our favorite Komiks authors and artist.

Hope to see you at the #FCBD next year!

Until next time!

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