I enjoy writing and because I am a narcissistic as well, I like to write my opinions down for all to see.

Food Reviews: My reviews are not paid.  There are times when go to an establishment with my kiddies and pay for our meal.  If invited to sample the food from a restaurant, No money changed hands. I acknowledge that I was invited as a guest. All the opinons I wrote down are my own.

Product Reviews: I purchase products to review using my own money. Unless otherwise indicated. No money was exchange. Just the product for review.

Press Release: I occasionally post PRs from companies. No money changed hands, perhaps a small token was given in kind for posting the release.

Unboxing: I pick and choose items I unbox. I also pay for the said items out of my own pocket.

I am no expert, so I write my reviews based on my own experience. I have no advertising on my blog and I also paid for my own domain service. So far I have no sponsors.

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