#FreeComicBookDay2016 Dragon Beasties Camp Out for the Free Comic Book Day 2016

FCBD2016 Raffy with other Comic fans

Raffy, Jar and I were sitting on the damp grass as we wait in line for our traditional Free Comic Book Day 2016

Hello Sweeties!

The month of May has always been pretty hectic for me, So much to do so little time. Enrollment, fitting of new informs for the forever growing teenagers, and of course the traditional camp out for Free Comic Book Day. This is our 2nd year and we more or less know exactly what to expect.

FCBD2016 Tickets

Entrance tickets for the FCBD2016

We left home at around 5:00 AM and arrived at Fullybooked Bonifacio High Street around 6:30 AM, bit earlier this time around. There was a considerable crowd by then but thankfully it was not as bad as last year.

This year they also gave out tickets to the people who lined up. It seems last year, several people got in earlier than the people who were in line for hours because they had friends save a spot for them. To be fair to all who waited patiently in line for hours and under the hot sun, they gave out tickets. No tickets no entrance.  I think this is good practice, not only to police those who want to cut in line but also keep track of people going in and out of Fullybooked.

FCBD2016 Top View

People patiently lined up to get their favorite titles or check out interesting ones

The doors opened around 8:00 AM. Thankfully, we were out of the sun before 10AM. The place was buzzing with people. Some wearing their favorite Comicbook character shirt or were in cosplay.  Unlike the pervious year they did not announce that the 1st three people in line would get all the free comic books of the event, but a lot of people were in line early anyway.

FCBD 2016 Photobooth

Beasties and I enjoy the photo booth

After going around the 4th floor and getting my favorite graphic novels… Neil Gaiman`s Sandman Prelude at 20% off. The Beasties and I ventured to the 5th Floor to pay homage to the local Komiks artist.

FCBD2016 Pinoy Komiks artist Center

Penthouse to rather the 5th floor had local Komik Book artist present to show their work

FCBD2016 with Kajo Baldesimo

With one of my favorite graphic artist, Kajo Baldisimo

I regret that I did not bring my new books 12:01 and Alejandro Pardo for  Kajo Baldisimo to sign. I got his awesome Drawings Vol 1 and Vol 2, although I did not reserve copies…he bought extras. I am such a fan of his work in Trese and I will support all his future projects.

FCBD2016 Beaties with Pol Medina

As a teenager I read a lot of Pol Medina`s strips at Philippine Daily Inquirer now my own teenagers get to meet him in person and have their book signed.

I saw a copy of Pol Medina`s Martial Law Book on Komiksfanboy FB and I wondered where he got it. Pol was giving them during the Summer Komikon 2016. And lucky for us we got our copies here. I am actually a Martial Law baby, was born a  2 years after they declared it, my teenagers had no idea what I was talking about when I spoke of the horrors. With this and other books they can catch a glimpse of  what they refer to as “That Martial Law Thingy”.

FCBD2016 Conqued!

Beasties happy with this year`s FCBD2016

We conquer another year of the #FCBD2016! Jar is so happy. He has taken a liking to this particular tradition.

FCBD2016 Haul

All three of us together we collected these.

During the #FCBD2016 each person gets to take home 3 free comic titles, this is at the Fullybooked Bonifacio High Street branch only. In the other branches, they will let you pick one free comic. The beasties and I headed out to Eastwood to have brunch, and get our one copy of Free Comics each.

FCBD2016 Haul and purchases

Complete haul, along with some of my purchases. Sandman Prelude, Strange Creatures Book 2, Kajo`S Drawing Books  Vol 1 & 2 and Sulyap 3

The beasties and got home before 3pm, we where excited to open our parcels of comic books to read them.  Well the kids are, since I started working on my notes for Election Day 2016, but that my friends is a whole other story.

Until next time !

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