Dragon Foodie Review: Crepeman Cafe Fairview

C1Hello Sweeties!

The beasties and I were at my parent`s place in Fairview when we spotted Crepeman Cafe two (2 )blocks  away. It was a few meters away from FEU hospital. This branch`s clientele are students, nurses, doctors staff, relatives and patients of the hospital.

Like all the branches it was small and can only fit around 10 people comfortably, it is not really a dine-in place more like a take-out place.  There is a limited area to park, two parking space max. so it is not encouraged to bring a vehicle while visiting the place.

I had the chance to try out Crepeman Cafe waffles before. So I wanted to see if my beasties will like them as well.

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#FreeComicBookDay2015 Bayan Beasties`First Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day with my Beasties

Free Comic Book Day with my Beasties

Hello Sweeties!

I love komiks, I learned to love reading because I grew up being encouraged to read comic books by both my Mom and Dad. This year I took my beasties to attend their first Free Comic Book Day at Fullybooked Bonifacio High Street Branch.

Unlike most I don`t have an extensive collection of comic books, but I do attend book launches and Komikons whenever possible. I never thought about the Free Comic Book Day as a big deal since most of the books I want are manga and Pinoy Komiks. But I am curious about the devotion comic loves have to get their comic choices.


I have been monitoring the Free Comic Book Day FB page so I am aware that people have started lining up the day before the actual event! Talk about devotion and will! They woke up as early as 5:00 AM to wait in line for us to grab out free comics. By 7:30AM the time we arrived, the line for the entrance was zig zagging all over Hight Street. This is ok because Fullybooked made it a point to open their doors early for the comic devotees.

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