Dragon Gadget Review: Anker 5-in-1 Ultra-Slim USB-C Hub

Anker 5-in-1 Ultra Slim USB-C Hub

Hello Sweeties,

When I replaced my  9 year old Mac Book Pro to the new  Mac Book Air M1 and I was told that I need a USB-C hub so I can connect my WD- external hard drive to the Mac Book .  A lot of my friends recommended that I either get a Ugreen or an Anker.

I choose to go with Anker because they have a local distributor here in the Philippines.  Anker has a lot of different USC-C hubs available so you can choose the best one for you.   I got mine at Lazada during the 6.6. sale.

Small in size but full very powerful

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Dragon Pandemic Reads: Komiks from Epik Studio

Hello Sweeties,

Before the enhanced community quarantine started, it takes me 2 ½ hours to get to and from my house to work; that a lot of unproductive time spent on the road.

Since I abhor staring into the faces of strangers or into space with nothing to do, I read. Today, I will be sharing with with you my first batch of “Pandemic Reads” .

WARNING: I don`t really encourage the kids to read on a moving vehicle since it will definitely ruin their sight like it ruined mine but most kids have smart phones so and do so anyway but I digress.  A few months ago, I attended several Komik conventions and got all the current volumes of EPIK Studios (and I also got a free shirt for good measure).

Most of the books I read for this first batch is from EPIK Studio.

EPIK Studio is a modern mixed-media creative hub composed of writers, artist and other creatives.

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