Event: Making Scents: Downy Pays Tribute to Mothers on Mother’s Day

T1Happy Mother`s Day to all the Moms, would be Moms and those who have not actually given birth but play the “role” of Mom to their families!!!

Last week, my daughter Raffy and I were invited to attend a gathering of mothers hosted by Downy Timeless at the Peninsula Manila, where guests celebrate how a mother’s love not only endures but also evolves over time. Her words and actions stay with her children forever, and affect the kind of parents her children may eventually be.


Downy Timeless Theme of Pure White

Timeless white, classic, calm and perfect for a gathering of women.  As we entered the venue, We not only noticed the beautiful venue Downy Timeless prepared for us Mommies but also the subtle scent in the air that evokes warmth and tranquility.  Raffy and I found our seats and then we were ushered to get our glamour shot at the flowered photo wall.

I was so excited for the program to begin.  Read on if you wish to learn more.


Event host Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi

Event host Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi shares, “They say that you will only begin to understand how it is to be a parent, or in this case, a mother, once you have become one yourself. As a new mom, I had to figure out many things, and my mom was there to help me along the way. They say that you will only begin to understand how it is to be a mother once you become one yourself. Truly, how my mom raised me made me the mom I am today.

Downy understands the power of scents, and helps mothers create even more memories with their children. As the partner of mothers every day, Downy joins in the tribute to the mothers who work tirelessly day in and out for their family and whose love for their families is timeless.


Deirdre de Padua, P&G Communications Manager

Downy introduces a classic akin to a mother’s unwavering love and care – Timeless from the Parfum Collection. “Just in time for Mother’s Day, we introduce new Downy Timeless, which represents a scent meant to evoke the sincerity and simplicity of unwavering, genuine love,” begins Deirdre de Padua, P&G Communications Manager. 

“We wanted to provide a classic scent that mirrors how a mother’s love never goes out of style,” de Padua adds. Downy Timeless combines the playful notes of citrus fruits that hark back to memories of youth; the feminine scent of flowers reminiscent of femininity; and is mixed with a trace of musk and sandalwood, to evoke stability and calmness.


Scent, it is often said, conjures memories more lucid than any other sense. In fact, babies know a mother’s scent before they are able to see their mothers.  So is it any surprise that the simple whiff of something familiar evokes so much emotion and nostalgia?

With the scent of your mother familiar to you practically since birth, trips down memory lane become more frequent as we near that 2nd Sunday of May. More than just familiar sights and sounds, many scents remind you of your mother – the aroma of her signature dish, the comforting smell of your blanket as she tucks you in at night, the scent of her dress as she hugs you tight.

Scents remind you of moments you can never forget – moments you shared with the woman who has always been and will continue to be by your side, your mother.


Heavenly Meal prepared for the guest, Bon Appetit

As the program progressed were treated to this heavenly lunch. Aside from the dessert which is a crowd favorite I really enjoyed the Fillet of beef topped with foie gras foam and Madeira truffle jus and their wonderful appetizers.  A meal fit for a queen!


My Raffy`s Mother`s Day Message

As a special treat for the guest, we were shown a video Tribute to Mothers.  I was very surprised and very teary eyed when I saw this flashed on-screen. It was Raffy`s message for me for Mother`s Day!  I was very touched, I am certain all of the mothers in attendance were just as happy for this tribute. Thank you Downy Timeless!


A harana (Serenade) by theater actor and balladeer Guji Lorenzana

It has been a while since someone serenaded me, Theater actor and balladeer Guji Lorenzana did the honors as portraits from the photo booth with the Mommies and their families flashed on the wide-screen. The day was all about us Moms.


Mommy Bloggers Philippines, with their families

I also got to see the wonderful women from Mommy Blogger Philippines again. I am so proud to be counted among such strong, wonderful women.


Mother`s Day gifts from Downy Timeless and P&G

This Mother’s Day, the best gift is creating new memories with your mother, celebrating the love that never goes out of style. And, to complement each sweet moment, never underestimate the power of Timeless scent. I am thankful for this wonderful memories and gifts from P&G and Downy Timeless.


from emilyquotes.com

Leaving you with one of my favorite quotes about Motherhood.

Learn more about Downy Timeless: https://www.facebook.com/DownyPhilippines

Until next time!



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