EVENT : Cine Europa 26 is back

Cine Europa 26 is now back with 100% physical screenings!

The EU Delegation and the EU Member States Embassies, together with Goethe Institut
Manila, are proud to present the 26th edition of Cine Europa, from June 16 to July 16,

Nothing can beat the enjoyment of watching your most-awaited films in cinemas,
cinematheques and outdoor venues. Cine Europa 26 offers you these cinematic treats!
Cine Europa brings 28 multi-awarded films from different EU Member States, as well
as our guest country, Ukraine.

These films may be watched onsite in our venue partners
in Metro Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod, and Davao.

See below:

June 16 to 18: Shangri-la Plaza
June 21 to 23: Film Development Council of the Philippines, Kalaw, Manila
June 24- 25: Cultural Center of the Philippines – Open grounds
June 30 to July 2: Rizal Open Park Auditorium – Luneta Park
July 5 to 7: SM Cinema Cebu
July 8 to 9, and July 12-16: Film Development Council Iloilo
July 14-16: Film Development Council Negros (Bacolod)
July 14-16: Film Development Council Davao

As always, the EU is grateful to its loyal partners – the Film Development Council of the
Philippines, the National Parks and Development Committee, the Cultural Center of the
Philippines, Shangri-La Properties, and SM Cinemas.



Cine Europa 26 opens to the Filipino audience with the film Historja – Stitches for Sapmi
from Sweden, that will be screened at Cinema 3, Red Carpet Cinemas, Shangri-La
Plaza, on 16 June 2023, 7:30pm. This Swedish films is a documentary about the Sami
female artist Britta Marakatt-Labba, whose art showcases the past and the present of Sami
culture, and how reindeer husbandry is being affected by the global climate crisis.

The other films that will be screened at Cine Europa 26 are:

1. Murina, from Croatia and Slovenia, is a coming of age film about a teenager,
her father, and an old friend with a life-changing deal.

2. My Love Affair with Marriage, a co-production from Latvia and Luxembourg
– an animated feature film for adult audiences focusing on young Zelma and
her quest for a perfect love and lasting marriage.

3. Sweat, from Poland, follows Sylwia Zając, a celebrity fitness motivator who is
looking for true intimacy.

4. Rien à Foutre (“Zero Fucks Given”), from Belgium – a fictional film that
follows Cassandra, a flight attendant that was floating through her life until she
is forced to confront situations, she is running from.

5. Ensilumi (“Any Day Now”), from Finland – another fictional film that follows
and Iranian family that lives in a refugee centre and their process of filing for

6. Miss Viborg, a film from Denmark about two women from two different
generations that have an unlikely friendship and become companions in healing
and hope. This film was awarded the Best Nordic/Dutch Film Award in the
Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

7. The Cleaners, from Germany – a sinister documentary about the work of
“content moderators”, follows an organisation in Manila that operates in the
industries that require content moderators

8. Szelíd (“Gentle”), from Hungary, is a fictional documentary about a female
bodybuilder whose dream is to win Miss Olympia.
9. Ramona, from Spain, is a comedy about the immortal feud between sense and

10. Io Sto Bene, a co-production between Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium and
Italy that shows parallel destinies and a future full of peace for them both.

11. Dodo, from Greece – a comedy about a dodo bird (species that disappeared 300
years ago) making a reappearance that will spiral a family’s boundaries out of
their control.

12. Róise & Frank, a film from Ireland about a widowed Róise who believes that
a stray dog embodies the spirit of her late husband Frank – a warm-hearted and
witty tale about finding hope in dark places

13. Moi dumky tykhi (“My thoughts are silent”), a Ukrainian film that explores
the eternal problem of parents and children, by showcasing a mother and son
relationship where the son wants to move to a different country.

14. Lyuksemburh, Lyuksemburh (“Luxembourg, Luxembourg”) – a Ukrainian
comedy about two children in search for their father in Luxembourg.

15. Marocco/Mikado, a co-produced drama from Romania and the Czech
Republic about a father-daughter relationship faced with chaos and irreversible

16. OSS 117: From Africa with Love — OSS 117 is France’s finest secret agent
and he’s heading to Africa for what could be the trickiest mission ever!

17. Os Demónios Do Meu Avô, an animated film co-produced by Portugal, Spain
and France that follows Rosa and her journey back to her native village on the
border between Spain and Portugal.

18. Srdce na dlani, a comedy from the Czech Republic about falling in love where
love pays no mind to age or place. It follows the characters as they navigate
through love’s hope and beauty but also its complications and obstacles.

19. Imad’s Barndom (“Imad’s Childhood”) – a documentary co-produced from
Sweden, and Latvia about a family that was released from ISIS captivity and
placed in a displaced persons’ camp in Kurdistan.

20. Golata istina za grupa Zhuguli (“The Naked Truth about Zhugui”), from
Bulgaria – a fictional film about a band who disbanded 30 years before and is
being rounded back together for a 50th anniversary concert.

21. Girl, from Belgium – a film about a 15 year old that dreams about becoming a
ballerina, Lara.

22. Bėgikė (“Runner”), a co-production from Lithuania and the Czech Republic
about Marija and her frantic search for her boyfriend, in what is described as a
story of sacrifice and the achievement of total freedom.

23. Mitra, a film from the Netherlands about Haleh and the woman that betrayed
her and caused the death of her daughter in Iran 37 years ago – a story about
revenge and friendship.

24. Kratt, from Estonia, about a magical creature who will do whatever its master
says, with the quest to buy a soul from the devil.

25. Smagen af sult (“A Taste of Hunger”) from Denmark, about a family, their
gourmet restaurant and their quest for a Michelin Star.

26. Olmo, from Italy – a short story about an 80 year old, Olmo, and his 8 year old
grandson, Giulio, and their search for an old tree.

27. Le Variabili Dipendenti, another short from Italy, about two characters, Pietro
and Tommaso, who are curious and are getting to know each other.

So what are you waiting for?

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Bye-bye Hair Damage with Newest Japanese Rice Oil Essence Trend

Pantene with Japanese Rice Oil Essence

Hello Sweeties,

If it’s worth any consolation, 2020 has been such an inventive year for the beauty community. The beauty world has been constantly introducing big ingredient innovations we’ve never seen possible before. Just take a look at the micellar and collagen trends that were only thought to be beneficial for the skin but are now being sought after for hair.

Who knows what’s next? And yet here we are again.

Who would have thought that the food we eat 3x a day would be the newest trend that’s about to take over the beauty shelves, especially the hair care section? Enter, rice oil — the underrated hair beauty secret of ancient Japanese women, and now Filipinos are bound to experience its powerful benefits.

Here Comes Rice Oil Essence, The Solution to Luscious Damage-free Hair The age-old secret to beautifully long hair comes from the 2000-year old Japanese tradition of using rice water to wash hair.

For thousands of years, East Asians have taken advantage of this superfood’s high concentration of vitamin E and have been using it since to maintain their luscious long hair. The gold colored concentrate comes from the outer brown husk of grain.

The abundance of vitamin E in rice oil can help reduce inflammation and reverse damage to the hair follicles. It can also act as a natural UV protectant, shielding strands from the harmful effects of too much sun exposure. It’s the perfect ingredient to maintain strong, long and shiny hair.

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