#FreeComicBookDay2017 BayanBeasties Yearly Camp-Out for our Favorite Comics

Hello Sweeties!

My beasties and I have made it our yearly tradition to line up at the Bonifacio High Street branch of Fullybøoked every year since 2015 for the Free Comicbook Day.  It is not really about “Free” comics, but mostly it is about hanging out together and enjoying some of the titles offered. I found that the “free” ones are a great way to browse new titles.

We are sitting on the grass while waiting for Fullybooked doors to open

As early as two days before the actually event people started camping out. In the past years Fullybooked and Comix Odyssey offered early birds freebies, as in the copies of all the free comics offered that year to the first three people in line. I don’t think they have it this year but still I see post of people lining up.

My kids and I woke up at around 5am and Ubered our way to Bonifacio High Street and were there past 6am a crowd of people have pooled themselves there already.

We came earlier this year, the beasties were looking forward to the activity. A staff of Fullybooked BHS  was there manning the end of the line to give out tickets like last year.

The heat was scotching! Good thing, the beasties and I had our umbrellas and the battery operated fan handy or we could not have survived!

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Event: Tinapay Natin Pinoy Baking Competion Grand Finals

Hello Sweeties!

Whenever I go out in the mornings which can be as early as 4 AM, I always pass this store close to home, I close my eyes and relish the scent of baking pande sal. For a bread lover, like myself I am grateful to even get a few pieces of these before they completely run out.

For a country of rice eaters, we have a soft spot (our tummies) for these delicious, soft native bread we like to pair with milk, tea or coffee even without our  (palaman) spread.

Even the mall in the country are dotted with modern bakeries that sell a smorgasbord of foreign breads, local panaderia favorites like warm pandesal and fluffy ensaymada still hold a special lace in the Filipino`s hearts. The truth remains that our neighborhood panaderias, with all the culinary traditions and culture influences they mold into their breads are irreplaceable that in itself is something worth celebrating.

This love for local food is precisely what inspired Pilmico to team up with Max`s Corner Bakery and call on the youth to join the Tinapay Natin Pinoy Baking Competion. The competition, which aims to inspire the youth to take part in honoring and revitalizing our colorful bread culture, comes to its colorful culmination at the culminating at the Grand Finals held at Treston International College at Bonifacio Global City.

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