#FreeComicBookDay2017 BayanBeasties Yearly Camp-Out for our Favorite Comics

Hello Sweeties!

My beasties and I have made it our yearly tradition to line up at the Bonifacio High Street branch of Fullybøoked every year since 2015 for the Free Comicbook Day.  It is not really about “Free” comics, but mostly it is about hanging out together and enjoying some of the titles offered. I found that the “free” ones are a great way to browse new titles.

We are sitting on the grass while waiting for Fullybooked doors to open

As early as two days before the actually event people started camping out. In the past years Fullybooked and Comix Odyssey offered early birds freebies, as in the copies of all the free comics offered that year to the first three people in line. I don’t think they have it this year but still I see post of people lining up.

My kids and I woke up at around 5am and Ubered our way to Bonifacio High Street and were there past 6am a crowd of people have pooled themselves there already.

We came earlier this year, the beasties were looking forward to the activity. A staff of Fullybooked BHS  was there manning the end of the line to give out tickets like last year.

The heat was scotching! Good thing, the beasties and I had our umbrellas and the battery operated fan handy or we could not have survived!

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SALE ALERT: Take Advantage of the Crumpler Bags and Accessories Sale

Crumpler 4Hello Sweeties!

I have always been fond of photography,even before I started blogging. As a child I always like taking photos using the manual camera. I enjoy taking photos and I learned after years of doing so, it is best to purchase  a good camera and to invest in a great bag to carry it in to make sure it is protected.

I have always been a fan of Crumpler gadget bags from Australia ever since my brother got me one for my DSLR camera.

Crumpler Camera Bag 5 Millon Dollar

My 1st Crumpler Camera Bag: 5 Million Dollar Home for DSLRs

Crumpler bags are for people who know how to live: adventurers, photographers, riders, designers, makers, thinkers, doers.  Each of their products are purpose designed, constructed with quality materials and made to last with a  lifetime warranty. They’ve been at this since 1992 – for better and worse – and learned a lot along the way.

What I really like about Crumpler is that unlike other bags they come in great designs, colors and water resistant materials.

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