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Hello Sweeties!

June is Environment month, as part of the month long celebration and in order to promote the love for our Inang Kalikasan, the Environmental Management Bureau brings together bloggers to write, promote about environmental issues plaguing the Philippines.

Bloggers are asked to promote the hastag #GreenEnvironmentGawingForever to spread the word about environmental issues, programs and protection.

As a Radio Broadcast Producer/Presenter, covering the Environment beat, I am aware of of how difficult and challenging the job it is to spread awareness to the public of how important caring about the environment and the fight to protect it.

Green Bloggers Howie Severino

Veteran journalist and digital guru, Howie Severino

Veteran journalist and digital guru Howie Severino is the speaker a lot of us were waiting for, he shared his extensive experience in creating compelling stories and video documentaries. For Howie, social media and blogs in play an important role in society in spreading stories and awareness about the environment. He adds that it is best to create engaging, interesting and relevant stories to the public specially when it is about environmental protection.

Green Bloggers Noel Cabangon

Composer, musician and environment advocate Noel Cabangon

Guest were entertained by the music of environment advocate Noel Cabangon.

Green Bloggers Group Pic

Green Bloggers Photo op with Howie Severino and Environment Officials

According to EMB Environmental Education & Information Chief Elen Basug, There is a need for the public awareness and exposure focused climate change, biodiversity protection, solid waste, clean air and clean water.  This is the reason why they are touching base with bloggers & social media influencers to spread  the word in the sites using the hastag #GreenEnvironmentGawingForever.

I had a great experience learning about the updates in the  DENR’s campaign to protect and take care of our environment. I think the blogging community would be great help in reaching more people. And hopefully there would be change and for the better.

I also have suggestions of my own to share, as individuals we too must take part in protection our environment.

What can I do?

  • Conserve natural habitats such as primary forests.
  • Restore our forest, take part in tree planting activities
  • Avoid harvesting wood products
  • Prevent natural forest from being plantations
  • Rehabilitate wetlands and regulate flow of watersheds
  • Reduce, Reuse and recycle (I can’t stress this enough!)
  • Segregate biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste right at the source – at home, office or wherever you are
  • Promote composting of organic waste to reduce methane emission
  • Avoid disposable plastics.
  • Don’t burn waste not even garden waste
  • Use eco-bags when shopping
  • Promote renewable and indigenous sources of energy
  • Install energy efficient lighting
  • Patronize CFC -free electrical appliance and heating and cooling device
  • Ride mass transport systems (PUVs, trains and buses)

The Earth is the only planet we have and we must do our best to take care of it for our future generations.

Until next time!


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