Dragon Foodie Review: Noonsaram Dessert Cafe, Katipunan

Noonsaram Korean Dessert Cafe Entrance

Hello Sweeties!

Raffy and I were coming home from an event and we felt like having something sweet on the way home.  We had planed to visit the cat cafe Uchi no Neko, but alas it closed down! To cheer her up, I took her to the nearest Korean Dessert Cafe which was Noonsaram which mean snowman in Korean.

Noonsaram Korean Dessert Cafe Interior

Looking at the interior, I like the general feel of the place. The first floor has the cashier and a few tables, the 2nd floor was roomier and can accommodate a large group.  The wifi is pretty strong, maybe because there are a few diners.  They have an interesting freedom wall, where Raffy left her mark.  So we put our bags down, rested our tired feet and waited for our sweet treats.

What I really enjoy about Korean Desserts and drinks is that it is not overly sweet. Noonsaram Korean Dessert Cafe is not exception.

Noonsaram Korean Dessert Cafe Red Bean Bingsu

Red Bean Bingsu  200php

We ordered the Red Bean Bingsu to share between us, They is a larger bowl but I was afraid we won`t be able to finish it. (lol).  To be honest, this is the first time I ever had Binsgu, the Korean version of Halo-halo only the ice is so fine, I don`t feel any of ice chips, I really enjoyed it with the almonds and red bean which is Raffy and I`s favorite. They have the Bingsu in several varieties, so we would probably go back with my son Jarod in tow, to try them.

Noonsaram Korean Dessert Cafe Vanilla Cake

Vanilla Bread 120php

I expected those cute French cakes that I see in Kdramas but there were no such things, They had this really soft delicious melt in your mouth breads though.

Noonsaram Korean Dessert Cafe Raffy

My gosh, Raffy was so happy posing in with Kim Soo-hyun

Aside from the cool and sweet desserts, they also serve topokki and ramen which we will try when we go back. Hopefully it won`t be crowded when classes at the Universities start.

If you enjoy Korean Desserts, like a roomy, comfortable atmosphere and study at a campus nearby and want a place to hang out with friends. Noonsaram is the place for you.

Until next time!


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