Event: Fashion Goes Environmental at the 2nd National Integrated Waste Management Exhibition

FDAP Fashion Show

Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines Fashion Show photo credit : glitter.ph

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Fashion and the Environment. When you think about these two things have nothing in common. In fact, according to a ecowatch.com article it is the 2nd largest polluter in the world!  It surprised me that the Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines (FDAP) will be part of the 2nd National Integrated Waste Management Exhibition, 2016 Environment Summit.

But according to Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines President Digna Rosales, fashion is now changing gears and going towards sustainable fashion or Eco fashion.

Environment and Fashion Digna RosalesDigna Rosales, considered a Grand Dame of Philippine Fashion is the current president of FDAP, (for the 4th time). As a fashion designers he made a name for herself by designing snazzy corporate wear and uniforms. She has been dubbed as the “Uniform Queen”.

She was also the talent behind the design and manufacture of the uniforms of the APEC Ministerial Meetings last November 2015

“ I believe in the talents, skills, intellect and creativity of the Filipino Designers. I was a witness to so many international exhibitions and competitions the FDAP had participated in, by virtue of my being president of the association. The Filipino designers are innately creative, talented and resourceful. However. The environment and arena to become more productive and excellent are hampered by internal and external factors. These should be addressed through harnessing the designer’s true potentials and maximizing his inner resources; thereby achieving excellence.”

sample fashion

photo credit: joyrneytolife.wordpress.com

Mommy Digna adds that Filipino designers and manufacturers are now challenged by the reality and then inevitability of the ASEAN Integration.  This means open trade in good and of course in talents. Any ASEAN designer or manufacturer can do business in any ASEAN Country.  As the current head of the FDAP,  she is preparing her members to adjust to this challenge in the fashion industry.

Fashion and the Environment 3

Fashion and the Environment 2

On the 3rd week of June, the Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines will be making their presence know at the 2nd National Integrated Management Exhibition at SM Mega Mall Mega Trade Halls.

According to Mommy Digna,  they will exhibit unique designs. 10 designers will be using recycle materials and 10 designers using indigenous Philippine materials. This is something to watch out for.

Digna Rosales with Dragon Chatter

with Mommy Digna during the meet and greet at Cafe Ysabel

June is Philippine Environment Month, the FDAP thought it fitting to showcase their talents in a venue open to the public. If you are a fashionista, fashion plate, fashion critic, budding fashion designer or perhaps an environmentalist, or a patron of the arts and all things Pinoy, this is the place you want to be.

See you there!

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