Dragon Unboxing: Sony Alpha 6000 (ILCE -6000L)


Hello Sweeties!

I recently acquired a new camera a Sony Alpha 6000, as my late Christmas/ Birthday/Mother’s Day present for myself. Although, I already own a Nikon DSLR 5100, I found that at my age (I turned 45). I found that traveling to an event to Antipolo carrying the almost 5 pound bulky DSLR is just waaay too much for my back.

2013, I started canvassing for a smaller abet similar type of camera. Mirrorless cameras seem to be the trend these days. The primary consideration of getting a mirrorless camera instead of the point and shoot one is the picture quality and of course the size and weight of the actual gadget.

My top picks that I was able to try out aside from the Sony A 6000 , were Fuji,  Panasonic and Canon. Although I own a Nikon camera, I have not found a place that has a Nikon mirrorless camera on hand so I can try it out.

I would just like to say out right that I am not an expert nor do I claim to be one. I just want to share my amateur view and my love for this particular camera, I am still learning how to use it, this is basically an unboxing post and what in my opinion made it stand out among the ones I actually held and tried out.

SB8 SB9 SB10

Highlights : ( as found in the Sony Website)

* Amazing performance in half the size and weight of conventional DSLRs
* World’s fastest auto focus with 179 AF points and 11FPS6
* High resolution with 24MP APS-C sensor
* Instant sharing via smartphone with Wi-Fi  and NFC
* ISO range of 100-25600 for low light photos
* Easy and intuitive controls
* Record Full HD 1080/24/60P video3
* OLED Viewfinder
* Convenient tilt LCD, pop-up flash and MI shoe
* Enhance your camera and creativity with Camera Apps

It took me 2 years before I finally got this camera. My budget was not enough. When I saved enough money, turns out that this camera was one of their most popular series and it is always out of stock (in all thme Sony Shops).

Last month, the fates alined and I finally got this baby. It cost a pretty penny but very much worth it. I bought it at the an Official Sony distributor Sony Centre Avid at Trinoma. 

In the box aside from the body camera:
**The Kit Lens F3.5-5.6 OSS (16-50mm)
**Rechargeable Battery (NP-FW50)
**AC Adaptor (AC-UB10)
**Shoulder strap
**Body cap
**Eyepiece cup
**Micro USB cable


photo from Sony Philippines facebook

The month I bought my camera, Sony Centre Avid had a Sony A Lens Package Promo until end May 2015. I opted to get the set with the Zoom lens, for obvious reasons (think athletic beastie). I will be saving up for a standard prime lens next time.

Here are images of my Sony A 6000 and my reasons for choosing it:


I can hold it with one hand, fits the palm of my hand


The buttons are standard very similar to that of my DSLR , so it was not confusing to use


Hot shoe for external flash that I can purchase separately


Battery and SD card together in one compact compartment


Wifi Ready transfer  – more about this in another post


This is what I found lacking in the point and shoot variety and other mirrorless cameras. The view finder! I am very old fashioned, I like looking into a view finder to frame my shots.


3″ Tiltable LCD


Came free with my Sony A 6000 camera kit, Saving me the trouble of purchasing a separate case Thanks Sony!


For single sense camera only, a long zoom lens cannot fit this one


Detachable pouch is for extra batteries

Sony Centre Avid  also added:
**Sony 16 GB SD card
**Sony Carrying case with straps

I checked the spec and the availability of the Sony Alpha 6000 on-line, as of this writing , it became out of stock. If you are interested in the Sony Alpha series, I suggest you wait until they become available and that you purchase it from the official Sony Centre.

Why purchase from the official Sony Centre?
* Official Sony warranty of 3 years
* 1 year warranty for the parts
* Freebies from Sony Centre
* I had great experience with their after sale customer care from Sony
* Easily Accessible Sony service centre near the Rizal area

I will be posting some sample shots and details on how to us the Sony Play Memories App.

Until next time!



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