Dragon Unboxing: Reader’s Digest Kasaysayan History of the Philippines

Kasaysayan 4

Hello Sweeties!

As a small child, I often lose myself inside my Grandparent`s library. No matter how scary or dark the 2nd floor was, I would often brave going there in thew middle of the hot afternoon to browse at books. I must admit, I love looking at the colorful photos. In a way this was the beginning of my love for books.

My beastie Raffy will be turning 17 this year. I am so happy that she is grew up loving reading as much as I do. That is why when the Reader`s Digest Kasaysayan went on sale at Fullybooked branches I just have to have a set.

10 Volume Collection from 6,000php to just 1898php from June 3- July 3

10 Volume Collection from 6,000php to just 1898php from June 3- July 3 in selected branches of Fullybooked

Raffy enjoys reading about History. Although there are a lot of books e-books on-line, I find that the weight, scent and the feel of actual books are way better than the ones I find on line.

I personally went to Fullybooked TriNoma to reserve a copy. It seems A LOT of people were ordering the set. To secure a copy, I needed to deposit 50% of the book`s price. I willingly did so. I mean look at the price! It is a steal!

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Dragon Foodie Review: Yummy Set Meals at Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

Hello Sweeties!

My beastie Raffy and I were run haggard last Friday. I had to do a very important errand at Quezon City Hall that took 4 hours! Really, I lie not.  4 hours of waiting! We were both tired and hungry, and as if in sync we both mouthed that we wanted to consume something warm and filling. This means one thing to us. RAMEN.

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka (named after Santōka Taneda a famous Japanese poet) considered one of the best ramen franchise from the cold region of Hokkaido. I think they opened in Manila 2 years ago. I know we were a bit late in trying these out.  I usually dine at a new place with a friend or one of my children so as I can fully appreciate the menu.

What to find out what Raffy and I had for late lunch/dinner? Read on!

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