Event: Explore Philippines Magazines Celebrates its 2nd Year with a Bang

Explore Philippines Vol 13

Explore Philippines Vol 13

I am a traveler at heart, although I have been a bit lapse on traveling these days because of work and family obligations, as a teenager I have always dated myself to explore the world around me, perhaps this is the main reason why I always get myself lost.

When the invitation came for Explore Philippines Magazines’ Media Launch I grabbed the opportunity to see perhaps, soon I could venture out on my lonesome or better yet with my beasties and explore  yet again.

Technology has opened up new ways for Filipinos to travel. This generation has tapped social media, websites, apps, and live events to learn more about previously unknown local destinations, each holding great promise of dreamlike tropical landscapes and rich cultures. It’s an exciting time for travel in our own backyard. Beyond the gloss of posting photos on our feeds and sharing travel itineraries is an enthusiasm to see more of what the country has to o er – sights, food, history, and culture.

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Dragon Unboxing: Sony Alpha 6000 (ILCE -6000L)


Hello Sweeties!

I recently acquired a new camera a Sony Alpha 6000, as my late Christmas/ Birthday/Mother’s Day present for myself. Although, I already own a Nikon DSLR 5100, I found that at my age (I turned 45). I found that traveling to an event to Antipolo carrying the almost 5 pound bulky DSLR is just waaay too much for my back.

2013, I started canvassing for a smaller abet similar type of camera. Mirrorless cameras seem to be the trend these days. The primary consideration of getting a mirrorless camera instead of the point and shoot one is the picture quality and of course the size and weight of the actual gadget.

My top picks that I was able to try out aside from the Sony A 6000 , were Fuji,  Panasonic and Canon. Although I own a Nikon camera, I have not found a place that has a Nikon mirrorless camera on hand so I can try it out.

I would just like to say out right that I am not an expert nor do I claim to be one. I just want to share my amateur view and my love for this particular camera, I am still learning how to use it, this is basically an unboxing post and what in my opinion made it stand out among the ones I actually held and tried out.

SB8 SB9 SB10

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