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Beaties IHop

Hello Sweeties!

The beasties and I had errands to do on a Tuesday involving school supplies and uniforms, we decided to have our brunch at UP Town Center. There were very few dinning places open at 10 AM, so we decided to have it at IHop.

IHop is United States-based multinational pancake house/fast casual family restaurant chain that specializes in breakfast foods.

A lot of people have great things to say about the place and about the pancakes. But since we all like our comfort food for breakfast… Me Tapa and the kids their pasta. We did not bother with the best sellers.

Want to know what we ordered? Check it out after the cut.

Ihop Drinks

Iced Coffee Mocha (145php), Splashberry (175php) and Rootbeer (75php) Bottomless

For our drinks we ordered our favorites. I had the Iced Coffee Mocha, Raffy the Splashberry  and Jar his favorite root beer. Out of the three drinks,  Raffy had the most unique drink with fresh strawberries and lemon.  The Iced Coffee Mocha was pretty ordinary.  Since we had our drinks bottomless, it was a bit expensive not really worth it.

Bacon Mac and Cheese IHop

Bacon Mac and Cheese (290php)

Jarod wanted the Bacon Mac and Cheese. When the plate arrived, it was the puniest Mac and cheese plate I have ever seen! The serving is so small! He kept asking where the Bacon was in the dish coz he hardly tasted it. My son was still starving after he consumed the entire thing.

Carbonara Ihop

Carbonara (325php)

Raffy ordered the Carbonara, aside from the whole egg. There was noting extra ordinary about the Carbonara.

Beef Tapa IHop

Breakfast Beef Tapa (325php)

Overtime I go eat at a new place for breakfast I always check out their Beef Tapa. or the Tapsi.  I really enjoyed the Tapa, it was a bit sweet and very tender. Doncha just hate it when you have to struggle to eat Tapa? Well IHop Beef Tapa was an ease to consume. The order size just right again a bit expensive.

IHop UP Town Center Diliman looks a bit gloomy when you enter it. Perhaps it was because of the bad table set up? The servers were quick and attentive though. I found dining there very expensive for the food they served. They also have a service charge.  I don`t think the kids and I will dine there again for breakfast because the serving size was so small and the food ordinary.

I usually try to find the uniqueness in every place I dine in, and sadly IHop doesn`t have it. Perhaps we should have tried the pancakes?

Until next time!


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