Dragon Beauty Review: Novelina Face Mask in Deep Sea Collagen and Coenzyme Q10

Hello Sweeties,

Raffy and I often have one day for pampering ourselves but since I have been so busy at work, We rarely have time to even get out of the house at the most we have one night to just chill and try out face mask together.

Getting these Novelina Face Masks to review:

Coenzyme Q10 Face Mask

I used the Coenzyme Face Mask Q10 is an anti-aging & age defying face mask which is perfect for my mature skin.

  • replenishing for youthful looking skin
  • Equalizing for a more even skin tone
  • Pore minimizing to tone and firm

Deep Sea Collagen Face Mask

Raffy tried out Deep Sea Collagen Mask with Pure Squalene, this is more for someone with younger skin.

  • Moisturizing with natural extract
  • Hydrating for radiant, youthful skin

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Dragon Chatter: Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen UP Town Center

Hello Sweeties!

My BFFs and I wanted to hang out during a Holiday a few weeks ago.  After looking for a parking spot at UP Town Center for 30 minutes, we were starving. I started looking at my Zomato App to find a place to dine.  Pasta was what we were craving for. We ended up at Mama Lou`s Italian Kitchen at the ground floor of the old UP Town area.

We were lucky enough to find a free table, the place was buzzing even past  1PM with people having their late lunch.  Lucky for us, the turn over of Mama Lou`s is quick.

Nacho Platter

Nachos with Salsa, Melted Cheese and Ground Pork  275php

We were given complimentary bread and dips even before we started to order. Let me just say YAY! We were starving!

We ordered starters /antipasto first, a nice large Nacho Platter that came with 3 dips. I loved that the Nachos are nice and crunchy,  I kinda wish they had more dips or at least have the dips refill. We finished off the dips and there were a lot of Nachos left.

Wanna learn more about our Pasta selection? Read on!

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