Dragon Food Review: Beasties have Pasta & Sugar-Free Cake at Mom & Tina`s Bakery Cafe

M1Hello Sweeties!

We set off on a weekend, usually looking for an interesting place to dine. I am attending an event at Katips, while Jarod just finished his OT and Speech Therapy.  Raffy came along for the food as per usual.

It was not my first time at Mom and Tina`s Bakery Cafe located at Katipunan. Last year I dined there with my BFF Chet and we were very disappointed with the service. The servers kept forgetting our orders and it took forever to arrive. I had some misgivings taking my cranky hungry children there in case we had a repeat.

When we got there it was a weekend and we found ourselves seated at the front of the store near the door on the comfortable soft sofa area. The server approached us right away with the menu.


Blue Lemonade (60php)

My beasties both ordered the Blue Lemonade just because they liked how blue it looked. This in no way made it tastier than any other lemonade I have ever tried before or since but aesthetically it did look very refreshing.


Chicken Spinach Lasagna ( 210php)

Our order came with minimal wait time. This a relief, to think they only had two servers on hand and the brunch crowd was trickling in.

I ordered their famous Chicken Spinach Lasagna, It came to our table very hot. I had to wait a bit for it to cook off but really it is worth the wait. It was both creamy and very cheesy, I can actual taste the spinach along with everything else, the firm Lasagna. I also enjoyed their Garlic pinwheel roll, perfect to soak up the left over sauce. Well, my son had my other roll along with his sisters, all in all he had like 4 rolls with his order, that is how much he liked the bread.


Fettuccine Basil Carbonara (195php)

Raffy had the Fettuccine Basil Carbonara, which was not soaked in olive oil or sauce. This I feel is a good thing. She also loves that it has basil and not too rich.


Baked Chicken Macaroni (150php)

Jarod had along with his 4 garlic buttered pinwheels the Baked Chicken Macaroni. He found the portion to small but he finds all regular portioned meals a tad small for his appetite.


Beasties tucking in and enjoying their brunch

You can see the street from where we were sitting. They were happy with the meal and of course Mom & Tina`s also had free wifi, so we decide to try out their dessert.


Sugar-free Mango Cheese cake 175php

The kids had ice cream earlier, so I though I would finally have a bit of the sugar free dessert. Their Sugar-free Mango Cheese cake, The cake was very tasty the mangos slightly sour that goes perfect with the sweeter and creme they used, the crust is also worth mentiong because it was melt in your mouth flakey.  I enjoyed it, I would want to take home an entire cake if they had one on hand.

All in all the beasties and I had a great Pasta brunch at Mom`s & Tina`s Bakery Cafe. We liked the homey country style decor and the service was quick and efficient. I will return to try their rice dishes since I heard nice things about their Paella and hope they add another cake to their menu.

Mom & Tina`s Bakery Cafe

2nd Floor Regis Center, Katipunan Avenue
Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Operating Hours
Monday – Sunday
9AM – 10PM

Until next time,



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