Dragon Gadget Review: Huawei E5332 Pocket Wifi (Repost)***

*** This a post I wrote 2 years ago (2013) on my old domain but it is one of my post popular post so I am redirecting it on this blog so I can better monitor the questions I still get from readers.


Hello Sweeties!

I like any other person of this generation cannot live without Internet access. I have been having problems with my Internet and according to my service provider Smartbro, it is because of the so called fair user policy. No memo or publish ad to inform subscribers about this policy which annoys me to no end, i would save my ranting ina another post. I decided to get myself. Pocket wifi. The HUAWEI Mobile Wifi E5332 is made in China. Comes in the colors black and white.

The package comes with the pocket wifi, battery, USB short cord, quick start, Instruction from the seller. it cost 3250php

As you can see the E5332 is smaller than my iPod 4. It is a bit thicker.


I also bought an extra battery since based on comments from other users the battery last for only 4-5 hours. The extra battery is also an original and cost 495php

This is an open line unit so I can use all kinds of standard sims (globe, smart, sun). I use smart because it is has the strongest signal in Antipolo. It is. Prepaid sim I first used in my iPhone 4S.

The inside looks like that an ordinary cellphone.

The antenna is located at the front next to the USB socket.

There is also the reset button! Yay! I used this like twice since I bought it coz I had no idea what I was doing then but after a day of observing I got the hang of it. In case you did something wrong? This is your go to button to return everything to factory setting.

The pocket wifi is supposed to be handy, you can use this hook to attach it to a keychain.

When you finally connect to the Internet this will appear. All the icons are on when turned on. Shows signal strength, wifi, battery status,mail.

I loaded my prepaid smart sim UNLI50. You can now check via search engine the status of the wifi Now a little tip, you don’t have to have any load on the sim when you want to change the factory setting what usually appears is 2g. When you slip in a sim with load the change is usually 10php per 30minutes and when you disconnect it charges 10php again. So don’t turn the pocket wifi on and off when trying it out or you’ll lose precious cash.

The green light blinks when charging and when on.

This turns red when the battery is almost empty.

This is the screen that shows signal strength. This was inside the mall.

As you can see the pocket wifi lasted a little bit over 4 hours. Continuous use. I even used it for almost 6 hours!
*** Very handy, small and can fit in my jeans pocket
***open line
*** I save on my phone’s battery life because browsing via wifi uses less battery than 3G on your phone.
*** takes roughly 2 hours to fully change the battery (when not in use)
*** although the battery indicator blinks and turns red, there is still 10-20 minutes power left before it shuts down.
*** It grows hot when in use. I am not sure if that is normal or not
*** like mobile, the pocket wifi is also signal dependent. If the signal in the area you are in is weak. The wifi is weak.
*** I tried steaming a video using this and it is so slow! This would probably change if I get a post paid line or maybe when I change network sim.
*** I needed to get an extra battery to continuously use this for more than 8 hours.

I have been using the E5332 for over a week. So far it works fine. If you only want yo browse on line, update twitter and Facebook. Will be trying another network to test the signal strength and network speed. So far streaming videos sucks! I may ask to borrow my brother’s
post paid sim to see if this will change.

Until Next time!

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