Dragon Food Review: Beasties have Pasta & Sugar-Free Cake at Mom & Tina`s Bakery Cafe

M1Hello Sweeties!

We set off on a weekend, usually looking for an interesting place to dine. I am attending an event at Katips, while Jarod just finished his OT and Speech Therapy.  Raffy came along for the food as per usual.

It was not my first time at Mom and Tina`s Bakery Cafe located at Katipunan. Last year I dined there with my BFF Chet and we were very disappointed with the service. The servers kept forgetting our orders and it took forever to arrive. I had some misgivings taking my cranky hungry children there in case we had a repeat.

When we got there it was a weekend and we found ourselves seated at the front of the store near the door on the comfortable soft sofa area. The server approached us right away with the menu.

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