Walk not Run, Join the ANCOP Global Walk 2016 at SM MOA

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Walk not Run. At this point in my life I much prefer to walk instead of running. In fact I do a lot of walking. Maybe I could put this walking to good use with the ANCOP Global Walk.

Yes walking, I am not much of a runner maybe it`s my advanced age, I do have a lot of friends who join marathons, most of them do it because of their passion of running, others do it for fitness or to achieve a personal goal, to check it on their bucket list. The best reason for me to join any athletic event is for an advocacy, like taking care of the environment, or the restoration of a cultural or historical heritage, or sending children to school.

Couple for Christ (CFC) ANCOP Officials

Not everyone can participate in a marathon (like myself), but for an advocacy a lot of people would make an effort. That is one reason I found the ANCOP Global Walk to be a great concept.

You get to participate in a great advocacy, get a bit of exercise, your entire family even your family pet can join (no age limit) and you help send kids to school! How awesome is that?!

What is ANCOP Global Walk? Curious? Read on!

ANCOP stands for “Answering the Cry Of the Poor.” Their main programs are Shelter and Education. ANCOP is Couples for Christ’s work with the poor initiative.

Twelve years ago, ANCOP Canada thought of organizing an event where people of all ages and from all walks of life can participate in raising funds for education and likewise create an awareness about ANCOP.  

On August 21, 2011, the ANCOP GLOBAL WALK was born in the Philippines, with the tagline “I will walk for a scholar. Walk with me!” This initial effort, which happened on the death anniversary of the late Benigno Aquino Jr., paved the way for a new way of heroism—that of taking a step to change the future of the ANCOP scholars. For Metro Manila alone, an estimated 35,000 walkers trooped to the SM Mall of Asia grounds at dawn for that historic walk.

ANCOP Scholars need a minimal grade of 78%, comes from the poorest families in the Philippines, only one child per family can become a ANCOP scholar. The scholarship is open to all levels, Grade School, High School Technical Voc  and University!

I was a scholar too once upon a time, at the State U.  A great many young people are not so fortunate. Because of poverty they had to set aside their dreams. I am glad there are groups like CFC ANCOP Global Foundation who are giving these young, diligent students the opportunity to reach their dreams.

100% of the proceeds from the ANCOP Global Walk will go to the scholarship of these talented young people. Their scholarship is the full package, not just school fees. The students are also given a transportation and food allowance, money for their projects. The kids need not have a high maintaining grade to get a scholarship, they only need a grade of 78% to qualify to be ANCOP Scholar, because everyone needs an opportunity.

According to ANCOP Global Walk Organizer Mike Bukuhan, Vice-President Leni Robredo will be their special guest, she will also participate in the walk and will give an inspirational message.

Register on line or during the actual event

Register here: https://www.facebook.com/ancopglobalwalk/

For  just Php300.00, you get to help send a child to school.

This year, the ANCOP Global Walk returns to the SM MOA, hoping to triple that initial number by targeting 100,000 walkers who will send 2,000 scholars to school. Men, women and children of all shapes and sizes can join the ANCOP Global Walk. And like in the past AGWs, pet dogs have been a regular fare as well. Like I mentioned you can take your pet and participate, some even register their pets!

The ANCOP GLOBAL WALK will be held in Metro Manila at 4:00 AM of August 14, 2016 at the SM Mall of Asia grounds, Pasay City. Simultaneous walks in major cities in the Philippines, the USA, Canada, and Australia, among others.

Inspired by Pope Francis

Reminders :

  • Early birds people who arrive before 4AM will get a Free T-shirt (while supplies last)
  • Surprise tokens will be given to choose participants
  • Special Lanes are allotted for senior citizens (Fast line for them because they get to walk 3K)
  • ANCOP GLOBAL WALK is an ECO-FRIENDLY WALK, bring trash bags and clean after yourselves
  • Join the other activities like Tai Chi and Zumba after the walk
  • Invite your friends, relatives to this worthy cause

Bloggers and the CFC ANCOP Global Foundation Organizers during the Ancop Global Walk Press Conference held at Cubao Q.C.

When a lot of people are expending their energies into catching Pokemon at the malls, Why don’t we spend it outdoors? Who knows how many Pokemon Stops there are at MOA not to mention Pokemon Gyms?  You get to catch them Pokemon and contribute to a great cause!

Join the ANCOP Global Walk 2016!

Check the video below.

Follow their social media:
facebook: www.facebook.com/ancopglobalwalk/
IG: @ancopglobalwalk
twitter: @ancopglobalwalk

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