Unboxing: Marshall Major II Headphones ( Major Brown)

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A lot of you may not know other than blogging, I have a day job. I mostly have a pair of earphones and/or headphones all day. So when I received these spanking new Marshall Headphones Marshall Major II (Brown) to unbox and review, I was pretty excited. I usually got through 3 to 4 earphones a year because of the constant wear and tear.

Before I begin with the unboxing, Let`s find out who is Jim Marshall.

Jim Marshall

Photo from Marshall headphones UK

Who is Marshall of Marshall headphones?

Marshall is a true rock legend from the U.K. He is actually Jim Marshall, known as the Lord of Loud. The legacy begins in a small shop in Hanwell in the 1960s, where Jim Marshall sought to give a bunch of then-local guitarists the sound they wanted – a sound that was harder, crunchier and richer. The result was the JTM45, an amp that reverberated with a sound that was much heavier than anything ever heard before. In a twist of rock and roll fate – those guitarists, much like the Marshall name, would go on to revolutionize music forever.

That uniquely clear and impressive sound combined with a mythical stage presence has enraptured music fans around the world for five decades. Marshall London is celebrating the brand’s rich heritage with commemorative products that live and breathe Marshall.

Want to see the awesome Major II Brown? Read on!


Jacks, mic and remote

M4Marshall headphones and Marshall amplification proudly introduce Major II, the latest headphones succeeding the original Marshall Major.

An impressive second act, the classic Major kicks up its performance a few notches. Updated sound, looks, durability, and improved ergonomics give way to a whole new level of listening. A rock-solid character that’s built to last, the Major II makes its presence known.


Some of the key features on the back of the box


Its more advanced sound features include customized drivers, to deliver deeper bass and more extended detailed highs with a redefined mid-range and overall lower distortion


The detachable double-ended coil cord with mic and remote is equipped with an L-plug end, providing improved durability and carrying case.


The dual 3.5mm jacks allow you to choose which side you prefer to wear your cable on or plug in and share your music with a friend.


The Major’s classic good looks upgrade to a more rounded construction and extra durable vinyl finish. With its newly constructed hinges and headband design, the Major II fits better than ever. Allowing for increased flexibility and the ear caps to rotate more freely, the Major II adapts to your head shape for increased comfort during those long listening sessions. True to form, the Major II is yet another solid workhorse manufactured in the trademark Marshall way.

Marshall Major II Major Brown is one of the most comfortable headphones I have ever used here are my reasons why.


  • The ear caps are very comfortable and covers my ears well since it is rounded. After while you feel the ear caps get heavy and tight and uncomfortable after hours of use not so with the Major Brown.
  • I commute a lot, and before I usually read a book which is really bad for my eyes. I opted listening to  audiobooks, which is great since I travel 4 hours to and from work, so my time is well spent. I enjoy spending it with Marshall Major II which is fashionable and I get very little outside audio helping me concentrate on the book while traveling.
  • On that note, when my daughter and I travel we listen to the same audiobook or song. All she had to do is attach her headphone to mine and we are good to go.
  • It folds up and can fit into a small pouch
  • The detachable wires never get taggled up with the headphone itself.
  • There is a mic and remote control, so I can get calls and turn of my audiobook or music without touching my phone, it works with Android and iOS smartphones.
  • The vinyl finish looks so classy and very durable.
  • Major Brown work well with a variety of music, but maintain a decent amount of clarity.  Overall these headphones are well balanced and sound as good.
  • The jacks since there are two are wrapped in metal and is well protected and will not break or crack easily exposing the wires.
  • Comes in their 3 classic colors


Although with the hot and humid weather of Manila, it gets really hot when you wear it for more than 3 hours straight.

MII 10

I enjoy using my Marshall Major II Major Brown whenever I feel like I need some alone time away from all the distracting sound around me. Just me and my choice of JRock music.

Do you wan your own Marshall Major II?

Check out Marshall Major Headphones: https://www.marshallheadphones.com

M II 9

Perfect when listening to audiobooks!

The Marshall Major II retails for P4,650 at Astroplus, Avid Surfer, Beyond the Box, BZB Gadget Hive, Cebu Audiophile, Complink, Digital Arena, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, E-Central, Egghead, Heima, iCenter, iCon, iStore, iStudio, Lazada (online), Listen Up, Listening Room, Mobile 1, Odyssey, PC Hub, PowerHub, Quicksound, Republik, Senco Link, SM Music & Video, Spectra, Stored Inc, Switch, Sync, Technoholics, TechSavvy, TechShop, and Technopop.

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