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Your Perfect  Maragita 1Hello Sweeties!

It has been a long while since I went out to have some fun. There are a lot of thing going on with me and my family, that my daughter Raffy suggested I take the time out to attend an evening event. “Mom you need a break from it all.” said my 16 year old.  So off I went to Todd English Food Hall at SM Aura in search for my perfect margarita.

You may ask, what makes a PERFECT Margarita? Opinions for this varies, I for one consider my perfect margarita to be ultra refreshing, not overly sweet nor strong, but the perfect balance of sweet and right hint of citrus.

Your Perfect Maragitan2Your Perfect Maragita 12

Though a perfect margarita may be all about personal preferences, there are basic rules on making your margarita the best tasting one. It is all about using the best ingredients: the finest 100% blue agave tequila, the best orange liqueur, the freshest limes and the cleanest salts. This is why the world’s finest tequila and best orange liqueur companies have come together to give you: YOUR PERFECT MARGARITA.

Your Perfect Maragita 7

Casa Noble Ultra Premium Tequila

Casa Noble tequila and Cointreau are the two ingredients that most mixologists and bartenders prefer when making their signature margaritas. Casa Noble, produced since the 1700’s, is one of only three organic tequila manufactured worldwide.  Over 3,000 acres of blue agave grown on the Casa Noble estate are harvested, cooked in stone ovens, fermented, then distilled three times.  The tequila is then stored in silver oak barrels from 364 days and up to five years, to create an elegant tasting tequila.

Your Perfect Maragita 3


Next, Cointreau, categorized orange liqueur categorized as a triple sec, is best to use to produce the sweet light and tangy flavour in the cocktail. Uniquely, Cointreau is more than a liqueur with its orange fragrance revealing the true soul of a delicious margarita while marrying the taste of Parisian art de vivre!

Your Perfect Maragita 4

Bar set up for #yourperfectmargarita

Ms. Issa Litton hosted the event. Introducing the great selection of Casa Noble Tequilas and Cointreau orange liqueur.

Your Perfect Maragita 14

Ms. Issa Litton, hosted the party

Your Perfect Maragita 15

Remy Cointreau and Future Trade, Inc. CEO Joey Pineda

Your Perfect Maragita 16

Lee Watson, mixologist / bartender with the mostest

ABV’s Lee Watson gives us a demonstration on his version of the perfect margarita. For the classic margarita you would need three ingredients. The finest tequila (Casa Noble), the best orange liqueur (Cointreau), and the freshest limes make up the base for the perfect margarita, or in Lee’s words, the “tripod” on which your perfect margarita rests. For the more adventurous souls like Lee you can add as many as 10 ingredients to your perfect margarita.

Your Perfect Maragita 8

Lee Watson’s Perfect 10

I was a bit overwhelmed with this drink. It is not for the faint of heart but very delicious!  We were also encouraged to create our own perfect margarita during the event.

Your Perfect Maragita 9

Classic Maragrita

Here is a classic Margarita recipe:

Margarita Ingredients:
2 ounces tequila — silver Casa Noble  tequila
1 ounce Cointreau
1 ounce lime juice
cocktail glass


Shake well with cracked ice, then strain into a chilled cocktail glass that has had its rim rubbed with lime juice and dipped in coarse salt.

A note on the tequila: It should be 100 percent agave, the plant from which the stuff is traditionally made. Save the great golden añejos for sipping.

A note on the Cointreau: It yields results clearly superior to triple sec, most brands of which are marred by an unpleasant chemical aftertaste.

Your Perfect Maragita 11

Delicious spread from Todd English it goes so well with the Perfect Maragita


Are you as excited as I am? They are bringing the perfect margarita to you! Your Perfect Margarita will be bringing select bloggers and media to the top bars and lounges in Metro Manila this August! They are on a mission to taste the best version of Your Perfect Margarita!

Want to be a part of their Margarita Bar Crawl?

Follow them on their official social media platforms: Instagram (@YourPerfectMargarita) and Facebook (facebook.com/yourperfectmargarita to get the latest information on schedules and venues and read up on margarita recipes using Casa Noble and Cointreau!

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