Filipino-Malaysian Cuisine found in near the border of Metro Manila and Rizal: Ghella’s Kitchen

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One fine day, I and other Antipolo based bloggers got together via an invitation of the owners of Ghella’s Kitchen to try out their Filipino-Malaysian dishes in their newly opened location, behind McDonald’s  Marcos Hi-way. The new site is perfect for foodies in the Marikina, Cainta, Pasig and Antipolo areas who pass this traffic ridden area everyday, and are up for a foodie adventure.

They used to be located at near the Mayamot-Lilac area but due to the road construction and other issues they decided to move shop to the spanking new building around October 2016.  Ghella’s Kitchen is a collaboration between mother-daughter team Mommy Leni and Angela, the place was named after her.

Mommy Leni is the magician in the kitchen, she lived and worked in Brunei Darussalam for more than 30 years and has decided to bring to the Philippines the unique cuisine she has come to love.  Angela used to be a banker but wanted a change of pace, she is handles the business aspect and social media part of Ghella’s Kitchen.

I am pretty much a newbie when in comes to trying out Malaysian Cuisine. Although I have been trying out a great many restaurants the past few years this is the first time I actually tried anything Malaysian. Mental note to go to ASEAN specialty places so I don’t feel like a noob.

I have mentioned that Ghella’s Kitchen is a Filipino Malaysian Restaurant, they do serve Pinoy food like sisig, tapsi, pasta, classic pinoy but this time  the bloggers are given the opportunity to try their Makan Malaysian Food.

Yay! like I said I am such a noob when it comes to Malaysian Food.

Malaysian Drinks: Bandung (with Rose Syrup) – 60php, Soya Cintcau (Soy Milk) – 70php and Teh Tarik (iced or hot)- 50php

We served a sample of their Malaysian Drinks, my personal favorite is the Soya Cintcau which is not too sweet. I was pretty overwhelmed with the rose scent in the Bandung, but those who like fragrant drinks would enjoy this.

Buttered Prawn with Nasi: Fried Prawn ,with butter and Chili on top served with Nasi (240php)

Prawns! Sorry I am such a fan of any dish that serves spicy prawns because I rarely get the chance to have them. I love the sweet-spicy flavor prawns and the crunch in each bite that is perfect with their Nasi.

Ayem Penyet: Quater Chicken, serve with sambal sauce and rice (150php)

The chicken is lightly seasoned but when dipped with their awesome sambal sauce.

Sambal sauce

Woooh! Sambal sauce is a hot dipping sauce made from a mixture of different chili peppers, fish sauce, lime juice, garlic, ginger, shallots, and a lot more. I found myself dipping all the fried dishes into the sambal, I am pretty biased since I love spicy dishes.

Buttered Chicken with Nasi: Breast Fillet with butter and chicken on top served with Nasi (200php)

Nice and crunchy on the outside, soft and delicious on the inside. You can actually ask them to adjust the spicy level of the dishes they serve.

Fish Mango with Nasi: Cream Dory, sweet chili sauce and mango on top, served with Nasi (180php)

I really loved this dish as well, a perfect meal to have when you feel tired of all the heavy red meat. The cream dory is fresh and lightly flavored with sweet-spicy sauce.

Laksa Noodles: Rice Stick noodles, laksa paste and cucumber prawn, chicken, pineapple sprouts on top (180php)

The very first time to try Laksa noodles, I felt I missed out on a lot after tasting this dish, clearly I need to pay more attention to South East Asian food. Ms Leni told us that they adjusted the spiciness of the Laksa to suit the Filipino taste, not everyone enjoys the spicy food. Doncha worry, you can request as you order the level of hotness.

Mee Goreng Noodles: Dry Noodles mixed with authentic spices, herbs and vegetables (90php)

Reminds me a lot of our own pancit. :)

Roti Telur  (flat bread with egg filling) with milk (65Php)

Roti Telur with Curry Sauce (65php)

I have tried Roti, rather Roti Prata, I am not that clueless, It was at an Indian -Pinoy Resto in Pasig.  I really enjoyed it.

Ghella’s Kitchen Roti Telur that comes in two dipping sauces, Out of the two the milk is my favorite. Perhaps it’s because I wanted the curry sauce be a bit spicier.  These would be a perfect snack or appetizer while waiting for your meal.

For the foodies living near the Marikina, Cainta, Pasig and Antipolo and would like to try authentic Malaysian cuisine, Ghella’s Kitchen is the place for you. The place is easily accessible via PUVs and they also have do catering services. I would definitely come back with my beasties to have them try out the delicious buttered meals and of course the roti.

Ghella’s Kitchen Filipino and Malaysian Cuisine
G/F MEC Bldg. Pitpitam St. San Roque Marikina City
Tel: (02) 881-87-25
Mobile: 09273429497, 7062634
Facebook: Ghella’s Kitchen
Instagram: @ghellaskitchen

Opens: 10 am – 9pm (Mondays- Saturdays)

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