Press Release: Disney on Ice grants wishes in benefit show

The warm spirit of Christmas filled the air as Persons with disabilities (PWDs), children from orphanages, and families from marginalized communities got an exclusive preview of The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice in a special benefit presentation. It was a unique experience for the approximately 4,500 people, with most of them never having encountered such a show before in their lives.

Feld Entertainment’s The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice is a one-of-a-kind musical on ice that allows the audience to experience Disney characters and their stories come to life while skating to the rhythm of Disney music. A colorful event meant for pure entertainment with the entire family, this year’s new series of shows reached out to the less privileged by giving them the first opportunity to watch the a presentation live and for free – an act that truly defines the heartfelt meaning of celebrating Christmas.

There were special parts of the show where some kids from the audience got to interact with the cast while on the ice. Four kids were selected to ride a carriage as Aladdin and Genie performed. Another girl was lucky enough to be the one to cast a lantern during the presentation from Tangled’s Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. Blake Tatroe, Feld Entertainment’s Regional Marketing Director for Southeast Asia and India, called it a magical moment. “It’s not everyday that you get to interact with your favorite Disney character. Even performers get to emotionally connect with the audience. It’s a magical moment,” Tatroe said.
“It’s all driven to connecting with people and their emotions, giving them hope, inspiration and aspirational values. It’s really about making dreams come true,” Tatroe continued.

The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice is being held at the Mall of Asia Arena for the first time this year. “We always think about what’s the best value for our fans: easiest location, the best family experiences, the best way for us to host our show. The best part about playing at the Mall of Asia Arena for the first time this year is that the show looks fantastic, our performers are having a really great time in this part of the city, and all the amenities that SM has to offer really enhance the opportunity for our fans to celebrate the holiday in a joyful way,” Tatroe added.

It was indeed a day when wishes were granted for the underprivileged. Kids eagerly naming each character as they come out of the curtain, identifying particular scenes that are familiar to them, singing along, laughing and cheering with glee – signs that their innocent wishes have been granted.


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