Event: Project Vanity Celebrates Turns 9 with Guts, Glam and Glory Forum plus Unbagging of the PV9 Swag

Hello Sweeties!

First off I would like to Congratulate Liz and The PV (Project Vanity Team) for bringing beauty closer to us ladies. I have been a fan of Liz ever since 2011,  Project Vanity has been growing in leaps and bounds, this goes for the fan base too.

Last year or their Year 8, they held it in an intimate venue with two workshops, you can read all about it here.  For the much anticipated 9th Anniversary, they held it at the Podium Atrium, a larger venue because of the growing fan base, there are 200+ attendees!

To become an attendee, you need to purchase the PV 9th Anniversary Kit for 995php. 

I arrived early so I was one of the first ones to register and get my PV Swag (more on this later). The Forum is called Guts, Glam and Glory and is divided into 3 parts.

Personalized watching of our sample foundation from, Ellana, I got Radiant two shades lighter than my skin tone because I have oily and acidic skin. Radiant

Carla, DJ of RX93 Hosted the PV Program -She is also part of the Project Vanity Team

Specially curated beauty brand during the Project Vanity Event

Cosmo Girls : Chandra Pepino and Gab Ignacio for Best Face Forward (BFF)

Gab and Chandra talked about beauty/ make-up shaming, how to support the fun and fearless Pinay with whatever beauty choice they make.

Liz sits as moderator for Beauty and Brains, with panelist Darlyn Sandra Ty, Viviamo! Inc President best known for the BDJ Power Planners, Angela Dinglasan, President of Greenhouse Inc. , owner of the Proud Pinay Organic Brand Zenutrients (one of my favorite skin care brands) and Rosario Juan, CEO of Commune and organizer of Social Media Day. They talked about how they began and how they maintain their success.

Check me out on the 3rd row posing for this shot (photo credit to Ms. Angela of Zenutrients)

Project Vanity Team with Liz Lanuzo

There was suppose to be a Q&A with Liz and her fabulous team but they ran out of time. Congratulations those ladies who as if by magic know all about our deepest darkest beauty questions!

And now for the unbagging of the PV 9th Anniversary Kit! It serves as the event ticket to the Guts, Glam and Glory Forum at the Podium. They will not ship the Kit to you, you have to pick it up at the Podium but you don’t need to attend the forum itself to get the kit since they give as soon as you register.

Pink Sugar, K-Palette, Happy Skin, Inglot, Beauty Bar, Browhaus, Zenutrients, Ellana Minerals, Essence Cosmetics, Catrice Cosmetics, Flormar, Jordan, and Belle De Jour Power Planner

As I look closer, look the items in the PV 9th Kit is a complete starter kit!

BDJ Power Planner AS Smythe

Browhaus – Lash in Bloom (2.0) and Discount Inglot Discount Voucher

Face Base: Ellana Loose Foundation and Conceler in Radiant

Coz kilay is life! – Christian Faye Perfect Eyebrows with eyebrow stencils (Dark Brown), K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow  24h (01),  Jordan FabuBrow Shape & Set Gel (04 Dark Brown)

Catrice Absolute Eye Color #960 Chocolate Night Now

Happy Skin Eye Am Here To Stay Peppermint

Essence mosaic blush #30 kissed by the sun

Stylo Deluxe Cashmere Lipstick #DC35 Starry Rose

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick #51

Project Vanity + Pink Sugar These Lips Don’t Lie – Ready in Fire

Zenitrients Conforting Massage Oil Peach, Menthol, Coconut Oil

My amazing Blow-dry Secret Conditioner

The PV 9 kit is definitely worth more than the 995php.

What do you think of the PV 9th Anniversary Kit?

Won this Skincare from Freshel (under the Kate line) in the PV Instagram Contest

It was a great 9th Anniversary Celebration for Project Vanity and their fans. Since next year would be their 10th, I am pretty stoked at what they would be preparing next.

Subscribe to Project Vanity  at project vanity.com

Until next time!


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