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Hello Sweeties!

I cleared my entire schedule for this event. Yep.  Only for Liz`s Project Vanity 8th Anniversary Celebration, I booked weeks in advance. There were several events scheduled on March 19th, but I already missed her 7th Project Vanity Anniversary last year I could`t bear to miss this one.

Project Vanity Blogger Workshop

Commune, Bel Air Makati Venue. The place was filled to the brim with beauty enthusiast, readers of the the blog and Liz

I have been a fan of Project Vanity since 2011. When I finally had the courage to look at myself and say with all honesty, I am not getting any younger. I need to pay more attention to my skin and my general appearance. It is not vanity really, more like finally I wanted a change to transform to improve. Project Vanity is the first beauty blog I subscribed to and visit on a regular basis.

The event was at 2nd floor Commune, one of the modern coffee shops in Bel Air Makati, Thank God! Coz I was afraid I would get totally lost.

Project Vanity Liz Lanuzo

Liz Lanuzo, the woman behind the Project Vanity Company and Brand

Liz Lanugo or Editor-in-Chief of Project Vanity to most readers, conducted two workshops that day. A Basic Make-Up Workshop and a Blogger Workshop, I attended the afternoon session which is Blogger Workshop.

Project Vanity Tip 2

Blogger Workshop Overview

Creating a blog is not easy. I decided to blog because I had something to say, something I am passionate about. Liz tells us how to make the most of our blog and what we need to do to make it even better.

Project Vanity Tip 1

Some of the lessons I learned from Liz Blogger talk is how to make “evergreen” post.

Evergreen content are post that will interest readers for a long period of time. They are post that will be relevant today and in the future.  As a blogger, you must learn to create these post because they are highly searchable and will stand the test of time.

Project Vanity Tip 3

One of the secrets Liz shared was how to go about getting a great beauty shot for your blog.

Project Vanity Media Kit

A media kit is a MUST for every blog!

I had no idea that I needed a media kit! It is actually a practical idea if you are going tomato blogging full time or you are interested in a collaboration with a brand.

Liz also invited other beauty bloggers to speak about their experiences. This is a bonus of sorts for us to hear about their struggles and success as bloggers.

Project Vanity Donna

Donna Jaimasco is a lawyer and a beauty blogger of mylucidintervals.com

Project Vanity Julia Arenas

Julia Arenas of blessmybag.com

Project Vanity Beauty Bloggers

My favorite Beauty Bloggers, I met some of them for the very first time during Liz`s 8th Anniversary. Upper left: Ms. Liz of Project Vanity, Crystal of  sailorstarcatcher.net, Rae of  scatterbraintures.com,  Below right: Kate of lilac cola.com, Juvy of plumpcheeks.com, Katsy of  lipsticksxlenses.com

Project Vanity Freebies

Everyone took home a large bag of beauty and skincare products from the sponsors. Project Vanity is so generous! the Inglot bag is a bonus for getting dressed in Pink!

Project Vanity Prize Ingot

5 lucky participants got the red bag from Inglot. I was fortunate enough to be chosen. Check out these beautiful colors!

I learned a great deal about blogging from Liz. She is so generous with her knowledge and remembers almost everyone`s name. She is such a genuine person that is no wonder Project Vanity  is such a success. I am so happy that I got to attend Project Vanity`s 8th Anniversary, hope to be part of their other activities and workshops as well.


Congratulations Project Vanity! Happy 8th Anniversary!

Until next time!


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