Event: Project Vanity 8th Anniversary Bloggers Workshop

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Hello Sweeties!

I cleared my entire schedule for this event. Yep.  Only for Liz`s Project Vanity 8th Anniversary Celebration, I booked weeks in advance. There were several events scheduled on March 19th, but I already missed her 7th Project Vanity Anniversary last year I could`t bear to miss this one.

Project Vanity Blogger Workshop

Commune, Bel Air Makati Venue. The place was filled to the brim with beauty enthusiast, readers of the the blog and Liz

I have been a fan of Project Vanity since 2011. When I finally had the courage to look at myself and say with all honesty, I am not getting any younger. I need to pay more attention to my skin and my general appearance. It is not vanity really, more like finally I wanted a change to transform to improve. Project Vanity is the first beauty blog I subscribed to and visit on a regular basis.

The event was at 2nd floor Commune, one of the modern coffee shops in Bel Air Makati, Thank God! Coz I was afraid I would get totally lost.

Project Vanity Liz Lanuzo

Liz Lanuzo, the woman behind the Project Vanity Company and Brand

Liz Lanugo or Editor-in-Chief of Project Vanity to most readers, conducted two workshops that day. A Basic Make-Up Workshop and a Blogger Workshop, I attended the afternoon session which is Blogger Workshop.

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Event: Mikki Galang’s Break My Spell Make-up Party


Hello Sweeties!

I am a fan of Mikki Galang’s work ever since I saw her make-up in IG. When the opportunity to learn from Mikki presented itself I just had to be there. With Mikki’s birthday Make-up Party slated on October 30 which is also’s Mikki’s Birthday. For 500php, we get to go to a make-up party to learn some tricks of the trade and party with Mikki.

A huge make-up box is set up.

We also got to explore the contents of get huge make-up kit.

20131103-163520.jpgMikki started off the party with skin care and then a make-up demo with Bianca one of the participants. I must admit I had a hard time doing my own make-up after the demo since the event was at Clubbing TV but still it was fun practicing some of Mikki’s tricks.

I also got to see some BDJ Bellas Kate and Rita.

This is the contents of the generous loot bag. Although it varies. Some of the girls got eyeshadow while others got lipgloss. I am happy about getting gloss since I am not an eyeshadow girl.

20131103-164447.jpg Aside from our loot bag, There was an Instagram contest where we post photos about the event and we get up win prizes from the sponsors which is Bobbi Brown and Kanebo. I was lucky to get the Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color in Rep Carpet #1. Such a fun make-up party! It was the very first one I ever attended in my life. With drinks and dancing. I do hope Mikki has another workshop next year, hopefully special effects make-up so I can learn more or Hollywood glam.

20131103-165433.jpg Afterward I got to go on a date with my hubsy. 😘

Photo from Mikki’s Instagram

To learn more about Mikki Galang’s beauty styling go to her blog: breakmyspell.blogspot.com

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