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I posted about Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock  launching two exciting new products in the market just in time for the Summer Season.  I along with my beastie, Raffy who is a fan and Dermplus Sunblock user since 2013 were invited to attend the Dermplus Blogger Party at Manos Nail Lounge at Bonifacio Global City to introduce and try out their new products.


Registartion Area decorated in candy colored pails with Dermplus Sunblock

Raffy has been on football training for the past weeks and she is excited to learn about the new Dermplus products she could share with her teammates.

Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock is the answer to your skin problems during the warm hot weather in the Philippines. It is formulated with unbeatable UVA and UVB filters to protect our skin from the harsh ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Let`s face it, we are exposed to the sun almost 50% of the time everyday. Over exposure to the sun could lead to pre-mature aging or worst skin cancer! That is the reason why it would be best to start them young and have them start it as a routine for their skin health.

Curious about the new Dermplus product line? Read on!


Fun Summer Colors all over the venue

They transformed Manos Nail Lounge into this colorful summer colors, very suitable for the theme of Endless Fun in the Sun theme. It gave the place such a vibrant cheerful colors. Before the event started, Raffy and I were told to select out treatment for that day. We rarely get out nails done because we are so busy, and since I have had a full body massage recently, I opted for a cleaning instead.


Nail Cleaning by skilled nail specialist from Manos Nail Lounge

Raffy and I found comfortable seats, while the Manos Nail Lounge staff took great care of us. I found my nail specialist hands very skilled and I did not feel any discomfort while she was cleaning and pampering my nails. She did a better job than I would have. lol


Video Presentation

While the Manos Nail Lounge staff were giving nail cleaning arms and legs massages. The event started off with introducing the Dermplus product line.

The great thing about the Dermplus Sunblock line, it not only protects our skin from the harsh rays of the sun and or lights indoors but also helps heal skin damage caused by over exposure to the sun. Dermplus Sunblock is available in different SPFs like SPF24 that is recommended for moron  skin types and indoor use, SPF 35 for fair skin and SPF 80 and 130 for extreme outdoor activities.

After the product presentation, we were shown their newest Dermplus Sunblock video with one of their sporty Brand Ambassador Chieffy Caligdong, professional football player and former team captain of the National Football Team. Check out the video below.


Dermplus Invisilite Sunblock Spray and Dermplus AfterSun Hydrating Body Gel

We got to test their two newest products during the event. 

Dermplus Invisilite Sunblock Spray, It’s invisible on the skin when applied and it boasts of its total protection factor (TPF) 50++. Total protection factor is made up of Sun Protection Factor (SPF), moisturizer, and antioxidants to help shield skin from the harmful rays of the sun; it also keeps skin moisturized and dewy all day long. It is also perfect and convenient to apply on the face and neck without leaving those white streaks. It is advised to spray the product on your hands first before applying it on the face.

Their brand new Dermplus AfterSun Hydrating Body Gel, is what I was most excited to try, because it instantly cools sun-exposed skin and can even soothe the hot and prickly feel of sunburns. The AfterSun gel is infused with aloe vera, cucumber, and chamomile extracts that aid in moisturizing dry, chapped skin all day – even after the sun. I love products that promote after sun care because lets face it a lot of us are too lazy to apply sunblock coz we thought we can mange the heat but we regret it later when we find ourselves in pain post sun exposure. I am so happy that my one of favorite sunblock brand has released this. Watch out for my product reviews.


Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock and JLC Miller & Co., Inc Team


Delicious Spread


Raffy with Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock Brand Ambassador John Mattew Uy


Bloggers and Guest at the Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock Party


Thank you Mikee Enya, for inviting Raffy and I to this great event


Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock Line

Raffy was so happy to replenish her Dermplus Sunblock stash! Thank you Mikee and JLC Miller & Co., Inc.

For total sun protection check out the Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock line. Enjoy endless fun in the Sun with Dermplus.

Dermplus is available in all leading drugstores, supermarkets and department stores nationwide.

Check out their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dermplus-Moisturizing-Sunblock/

What Sun Care product is your favorite?

Until next time sweeties!



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