Food Review: Cupcake Bites Cafe Lilac Street Marikina

imageHello Sweeties!

Raft and I were cruising Lilac Street looking for something sweet to take home to my son Jarod. We usually visit Lilac Street after a school activity which ends very early. And most of the shop open after 12NN, so we end up just having a burger at the nearest fast-food join when we were feeling too hungry to wait for a shop to open. Lucky, I we spotted Cupcake Bites Cafe opened early (they usually open around 1:00PM).

Cupcake Bites Cafe is looks a lot like their cupcakes, feminine, cute, and perfect for dainty girls. The cafe just opened for the day, so it was just Raffy and myself. We decided to take the cupcakes home instead of dining in.


There were only a small variety of cupcakes on display, maybe because they just opened. Raft said it doesn`t matter since we were just going to sample a 6 varieties. I love cupcakes, I think I have tried most of the cupcake stores at the malls and I shake my head at how expensive they actually are, but taste so un-extraordinary.


top: Chocobanana, Red Velvet, Reese’s bottom: Oreo, Rainbow, Chocomint

Raffy and I selected the cupcakes above, these are based on my beasties` preferance. Chocobanana with Chocnut as the chocolate; Red Velvet: Reese’s; Oreo; Rainbow & Mint Chocolate. There are other flavors/varieties but we just wanted a sampler for now.

imageRaffy wanted to try some of their favored coffees and teas and for us to experience dining in.


Reeses` Cupcake

The beasties devoured the cupcakes. I only got to taste this one. This Reese’s` Cupcake is moist, and actually taste like the Reese`s Peanut Butter Cup they are named after. Not too sweet, at the center of the cupcake is a whole Reese`s Peanut Butter Cup inside, like a surprise. The cupcakes cost around 65-100php. They also have those special mini cakes and cakes in a jar. I would have wanted a larger sized cupcakes but this is just me being greedy.

I love cupcakes, so far these are some of the more affordable and yummy ones I have ever tried and of course my beasties agree.

Cupcake Bites Cafe
Mon – Sun
1:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Located at 73 Bennt II, Lilac St. SSS Village, Concepcion Dos, Marikina City
Phone +632 6248893

Check out their Facebook:

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