Event: BDJBox X L`Oreal Paris Philippines Beauty Soiree What a Great Start to 2016


Perfect venue for the BDJXLOREALParisPH Workshop Blackboard by Chef Michel

Hello Sweeties!

It has been a while since I attended an event hosted by BDJBox . I was very happy to have gotten an invitation for their very first Beauty Soiree and this is an exclusive partnership with L`Oreal Paris Philippines.

The workshop is aptly called Kickstart your New Look with L`Oreal Paris. The workshop is exclusive for the lucky ladies who got the December BDJBox L`Oreal Paris and the lucky few who were won various contest like myself c/o Kate Alvarez.  It`s divided into two parts. The first part focuses on hair which is of one of L`Oreal Paris` specialty and the last part on styling and make-up.  Such a great way to start the year, with a new look and a new perspective.

Want to know more about this workshop? Read on!

Being in my mid-40s I have been coloring my grey prone colored curly haired since I turned 40, I have been doing it on my own. It is not easy since I rarely use a comb on my hair  because it end up very very frizz and hard to manage. The first part of the BDJXLOrealParisPh is Hair 101 with Wee Manansala, Matrix Education Manager from L’Oréal Philippines


Ms Wee Manansala of Matrix and L`Oreal Paris tells us about embarking on a change in image and how to choose the perfect hair color for your skin tone.

Like I mentioned I usually just buy a box of my favorite hair color and have a go at it hoping for the best whenever I color my hair.

This is what I learned in a nutshell:

  •  There are different hair colorants in the market, Temporary (these bleed out and wash out in time) and  the Permanent ( does not fade)
  •  Changing from  dark to light color  the safest way to do it is the gradual way if we are DIY or have it done by a trained professional preferably by L`Oreal Paris.
  • Once you go black you can never go back (once you color your hair dark it`s going to be hair to lighten your hair again.
  • For curly haired ladies like me, it is best to have your hair colored professionally to make sure the color is distributed properly, if you are going to do it yourself you need to be patient and divide your hair by section.
  • For the perfect hair color for you, look at the veins under your risk… if it predominantly green you need to stick to warm tones. If it its blue to purple, cool tones. if it is mixed you can shift from warm to cool tones for your hair color.  For details about hair tones see here.
BDJLOrealDC Modern Femininity

My chosen look to Kick-off 2016 Modern Feminity

After the Bellas registered we were asked to choose from 5 charts what look we wanted to try out for the workshop. I choose the Modern Feminity.  I wanted a simple look that I could readily do myself coz  I am very lazy…The part in the middle and the low bun is very suitable for formal events.


BDJ Beauty Minister and Editor-in-chief Kate Alvarez models the Modern Felinity look with Hair and Make-up specialist  Arky Nar conducting the workshop

To partner with this very simple hair style is the barely there make-up  with bold pink lips that Arky Nar taught us.

makeup bdjXLoreal

Great selection of  L`Oreal Paris Make-up to play with, I am such a happy BDJVeteran

BDJLOreal Dragon

Trying out the lesson from Arky, I already finished doing my hair  (Photo from BDJBox FB page)

I really like that the workshop is pretty straight forward and I can ask questions while the workshop is on going or why Arky is styling his models.  This look would have looked better if my hair was much longer but I did achieve what I wanted.


L`Oreal Extraordinary Oil perfect for all hair types even for curly haired ladies such as Kate and Myself

I was very happy that they featured L`Oreal Extraordinary Oil during the workshop since one of my friends gave this out last holiday and I did not know if it would suit my curly hair or flatten it. Apparently it works wonders! Details and review of this in my succeeding post.

BDJLOrealDC Arky Nar

Airy Nar, winner of reality TV show, Mega Fashion Crew 3.

BDJLOrealDC Wee Manansala

Hair Specialist for Matrix and L`Oreal Paris Philippines Ms. Wee Manansala

with Mitch

Event Host Mitch from the BDJ Team

With Kate

Kate Alvarez and I both sporting the Modern Feminity look

Thank you Kate for the opportunity to attend the very first BDJBox Beauty Soiree for 2016.  You can check out Kate`s blog  at http://katewashere.com

Photo from BDJBox FB

Workshop Participants with the BDJBoxB and L`Oreal Paris Team  (Photo from BDJBox FB)

Feeling fabulous and gorgeous, Congratulations to the BDJ Team for an awesome Beauty Soiree! I am looking forward to other great events from the BDJ Group. Happy 10th Year!

If you want to start the year out, why not change your look at bit. It could just be as small as a hair cut or as extreme as a radical hair color change. Variety is always the spice of life.

To know more about the BDJBox like their FB page : https://www.facebook.com/bdjbox/

To be part of the BDJ Community subscribe to : https://ilovebdj.com

Joeydragonlady BDJLOrealSoiree

My final look. What do you think?  (Photo from the BDJBox FB )

Until next time!


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