Dragon Product Review: Vedette Clay Facial Mask (Olive)

Vedette Clay in Olive joeyd

Full Size: 1 pc. Vedette Clay Facial Mask Price: 65php

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After a long and active week, I feel my face needs a bit of pampering, alas I never can find the time to go to the Spa. Thankfully Sampleroomph had these interesting Vedette Clay Mask up for grabs.

Vedette Clay Mask is the newest clay mask in the Philippine market. Vedette Clay Facial mask combines the property of soggy mud and mineral salts for a bright and smooth skin that radiates health and beauty.


The sample I got was the Vedette Clay Mask Olive variant. Perfect for oil skin.
*Very creamy and easy to apply.
• exfoliates, rejuvenates and nourishes the skin
• absorbs dirt, excess oil and toxins
• helps prevent blackheads
• minimizes pores, prevents wrinkles
• stimulates blood circulation to the skin

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How to use:

After cleansing your face and neck,  Apply clay mask generously on the face and neck except the eye and mouth area.  Relax for 18-20 minutes.  Wash again with cold water. Use once to twice a week for best results.

vedette 2

The Clay is slightly dry but not dry enough for it to crack.


  • One mask can be used 2 times
  • I am glad I did not need to peel this off because peeling usually irritates my skin after
  • A bit difficult to rinse since it is very thick. You need to rub gently to get it all off
  • It has a mild scent that is not irritating.
  • It did not irritate my skin nor did it give me a rash
  • My pores feels tight but refreshed and clear
  • Gentle for even sensitive skin


  • Would have liked if it came in a tube or a nice big jar


According to a facial specialist, Sharon McGlinchey creator of MV Organic Skincare whom celebrities Emma Watson and Maggic Gylenhall use, because it is formulated for sensitive skin.  Under no circumstances should you let a clay mask dry fully on your face. This surprised me since I look forward to the clay drying and cracking all over my face.

Apparently, there’re 3 phases of these clay mask. The first phase is when it is damp, your skin drinks all the beneficial minerals, then the dry phase which draw our all the moisture from the surface of the skin, causing dehydration and irritation! I often wonder why my skin gets so splotchy and itchy if I leave a mask on too long! So don`t let it get to the 3rd stage which is flaking that will only mean that the clay has sucked off all the moisture  and essential oils off your skin. This is a bad thing! Instead of treating your skin you end up harming it.

vedette 3

All in all I enjoyed using this product. I even had my beasties try it out for good measure. I would probably purchase the same variant since it is designed for oily skin.

Vedette Clay Mask Variants

Vedette Clay Facial Mask has five (5) variants, Vedette Cocoa Clay Facial Mask Vedette Cedrus Clay Facial Mask Vedette Olive Clay Facial Mask Vedette Quercus Clay Facial Mask Vedette Aloe & Bengkoang Clay Facial Mask


Learn more about Vedette Clay Facial Mask : https://www.facebook.com/VedettePhilippines/

It is available on line at : https://bdjbox.com

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