Dragon Unboxing: Reader’s Digest Kasaysayan History of the Philippines

Kasaysayan 4

Hello Sweeties!

As a small child, I often lose myself inside my Grandparent`s library. No matter how scary or dark the 2nd floor was, I would often brave going there in thew middle of the hot afternoon to browse at books. I must admit, I love looking at the colorful photos. In a way this was the beginning of my love for books.

My beastie Raffy will be turning 17 this year. I am so happy that she is grew up loving reading as much as I do. That is why when the Reader`s Digest Kasaysayan went on sale at Fullybooked branches I just have to have a set.

10 Volume Collection from 6,000php to just 1898php from June 3- July 3

10 Volume Collection from 6,000php to just 1898php from June 3- July 3 in selected branches of Fullybooked

Raffy enjoys reading about History. Although there are a lot of books e-books on-line, I find that the weight, scent and the feel of actual books are way better than the ones I find on line.

I personally went to Fullybooked TriNoma to reserve a copy. It seems A LOT of people were ordering the set. To secure a copy, I needed to deposit 50% of the book`s price. I willingly did so. I mean look at the price! It is a steal!

Kasaysayan 2

The books were housed in this box. and they weigh around 13.4k, the weight of a infant

After a week and a day, I got the text that my Kasaysayan Set was ready for pick up. So during my break from work, I decided to pick it up. I thought I`d bring an eco-bag for the books. But I was so wrong.

With my mouth hanging open in astonishment, It dawned to me that these were actually reference books. Large hardbound, glossy paged beautiful and 10 freaking volumes! TEN!

Mind you, I may not look it but I am pretty strong. I used to carry my kids all the time when I was much younger, but I was no match for these books!

I lugged the box around, conscious my back pain and hip. Sadly after 30 minutes, everything hurt. I decided to give myself a break and take a GRAB Sedan home for once. SUKO na ako!

Kasaysayan 3

These gorgeous books in beautiful hardbound and Raffy is so happy

Kasaysayan Vol 10

Final Volume is aTimeline Volume

Kasaysayan volumes 1-9

Volumes 1-9 Kasaysayan










Kasaysayan: The Story of the Filipino People Vols. 1-10:

 The story of the Filipino is a long, rich and fascinating narrative – one that should be learned by every Filipino child and later enriched by a deeper understanding of the patterns and textures of our history and culture. Even as we speak of the Filipino future and take on the challenge of globalization, we must ask ourselves today: Who are we Filipinos? What do we hold in common with one another? Given the past, what might our future hold? This ten-volume set is a timely and highly laudable effort by some of our most accomplished scholars and writers to provide some answers to these questions. Unparalleled in scope, in its detail, in its fundamental sympathy, and yet also, in its self-critical honesty; it tells our story and opens options for the future by making sense of the past. (heritage page)

Vol. 1 – The Philippine Archipelago
Vol. 2 – The Earliest Filipinos
Vol. 3 – The Spanish Conquest
Vol. 4 – Life in the Colony
Vol. 5 – Reform and Revolution
Vol. 6 – Under Stars and Stripes
Vol. 7 – The Japanese Occupation
Vol. 8 – Up from the Ashes
Vol. 9 – A Nation Reborn
Vol. 10 – A timeline of Philippine History

Kasaysayan 8

Sample pages from the books: Yes, we have an AGE of Fire and Ice

These books were published 1998. The year the Philippines celebrated 100 years of Philippine Freedom. It speaks about the geography, timeline to to the EDSA People Power Revolution. It is 3,000 pages long and weighs 13.4kilos all together.

Kasaysayan 1

She actually slept with this on her bed while reading.

A lot Filipinos have forgotten about our past,our history, our culture… We have such short memories.  Looking back at history is looking back and learning not just from our mistakes but also relish our achievements as a people. I hope with this book I can remind my children what a colorful, strong and resilient people we are.

I hope the sheer volume of the interest for these books, So far Fullybooked had them on pre order up to July 3, 2016 and I heard families, schools and private corporations have ordered the sets by 4 and threes. I hope with more people reading it will drop up the for Philippine History increase our children`s love for the country and our heritage.

Until next time!


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  1. Julianne Torres says:

    Hi mommy would like to know baka sakali may friends ka po na nag reresell ng copy nila. Would like to connect to them po..
    Para po sana ito sa homeschooling ng kids ko.
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