Dragon Review: Happy Skin Beauty Perfect Clean Ultrasonic Silicone Cleansing Device Review

Happy Skin Perfect Clean Ultra-Sonic Silicon Cleaning Device Price: 1,100php

** My disclaimer : This is NOT a paid review. I was not asked or sponsored by Happy Skin or any PR firm to write this and I paid for the device.**

Hello Sweeties,

It has been a while since I did a gadget review,  My daughter has been very adamant about skincare lately I decided to look into some of the newest skincare tools in the market and I came across, Foreo brand.  They had a line of different silicone facial cleansing devices that I thought were cool but I stopped short because it was so pricy.

I then spotted the Happy Skin Prefect Ultrasonic Silicone Cleansing Device at a store that was within my budget so I decided to test  it to see if it would have any positive effect on my skincare.

This come in this hard plastic container that also serves as its carrying case.

According to the packaging the Happy Skin Beauty Perfect Clean Ultrasonic Silicone Cleansing Device features specially engineered silicone bristles that provide sonic vibrations for a 2-in-1 deep clean and massage. It pulses 6000 micro-vibrations per minute to effectively unclog pores and break up dirt, oil, and makeup from the skin for the deepest clean.

The manual is very specific and helpful, although when I asked about a warranty the sales person could not give me a straight answer and no warranty card came with the device

This device features three textured surfaces: the cleansing bristles for a deep cleanse, precision bristles at the tip for the T-zone, and a massage surface for blood circulation & tightening, which also targets oily skin. The various sized “touch points” provide optimal cleansing. The 15 levels of ultrasonic vibrations give a customized experience, while the smooth & soft silicone is non-abrasive and is suited for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Front side of the device where the on button and speed for the unit is located. It has different size silicone

Happy Skin assures that this device features an easy to clean, ultra hygienic, non-porous food grade silicone that is resistant to bacteria build up unlike the face brushes that are so popular.

This is the back side of the device that I don’t use, it has thicker silicons and is said to be good for blood circulation after cleansing

I don’t really do much skincare more like I am a cleanser and moisturizer girl. I rarely use foundation unless there is  a need for it.

How I use it:

I did not read the how to use part in the manual. I use it no more than 2x a day once for my morning facial wash and at night when I wash away the travel grime.

  1. I apply the cleanser with my hands ( I use Body Shop Seaweed Gel Cleanser for oily and combination skin), it does not foam. At this point you can choose to apply it directly to the cleansing device but I prefer to us my fingers.
  2. I wet the HS silicon cleansing device with water, I use warm water for my face to open the pores.
  3. I use circular motion to pass the vibrating cleaning device on my face, There is a button that you can raise the speed, I use it on a regular speed. 10 sec for each part of my face like my forehead, cheeks, chin, around my nose, and lower part of my face.
  4. Try not to spend too much time in one area, I made a mistake of doing it and my right cheek
  5. You can use the other side (side with the larger silicon ends) of the cleansing device to massage your face with moisturiser but I don’t use it with my moisturiser seeing the I don’t like filling with my face too much.

Been using this product for more than a month, bought it at full price at Happy Skin UP Town Center but I have been curious about this since 2018.

Charging button, this must be sealed whenever you are using it wet in the shower to protect it from damage

The bottom part of the cleansing device the sides light up when you turn it on and blinks when it is about to run out of battery

What I like about HS Perfect Clean Ultrasonic Silicone Cleansing Device:

  • I’ve been using it over 2 month and the battery charge when I first bought is still there.
  • The silicon brush ends are very soft and fine, this is better than the face brush that I have been using before.
  • It is water proof, so you can use it while showering, as long as you keep it charge area circle sealed when using it.
  • Very portable and its my small pudgy hand well.
  • You don’t need to load or replace the battery because it is build it
  • No need to replace any part of the silicone unlike the popular face brushes
  • My face feels really rough, no matter what product I use, at present  I am using Body Shops’ Seaweed Gel Cleanser for oily and combination skin. I used it before I bought the HS.
  • I observed that my skin looks and feels healthier after using this.
  • Whenever I double cleanse (with cream make-up remover plus my current cleansing gel there is no residue from the make-up left, I don:t need to use a toner anymore.
  • I break out less.
  • I tired not using this for an entire day and my face feels kinda off. Even when I use my Body Shop gel cleanser it does not seem enough.
  • Great quality product at a much cheaper price point.

Suggested improvements:

  • The plastic case it came with is bulky and will shatter if it fell on the floor, I would recommend that if Happy Skin makes another version of this that it comes with a soft carrying pouch.
  • A timer that stops the cleansing device whenever you spend too much time in one area of the face.
  • When charging there is no way to find out if it is fully charged. ( you need to time the charge to 2-3 hours when the battery runs out)
  • Make it widely available, it is always out of stock in stores.
  • A warranty in case the unit is damaged.

Happy Skin Beauty Perfect Clean Ultrasonic Silicone Cleansing Device comes with a charging cord

How to keep it clean:

  • Make sure you rinse the cleansing device well using just water (it is suggested not to use harsh cleaning solutions when cleaning it) and try it when you are going to store it
  • It would be best if you air dry it but not in direct sunlight or heat.
  • Since you use it on your face there are times when you get eyelash hair caught in the silicon brush. I suggest when you spot it that you take time to take it off. I use a toothpick to gently take the hair out.

If you have the budget for it, it is a good investment and less pricier than the alternative and although it say in the package that it is made in PRC or simply China, Happy Skin is a proud Philippine brand and given choice to purchase items, I prefer supporting Pinoy brands.

Have you tried this device? Let’s chat at the comment section.

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