Dragon Unboxing and Review : Ulanzi U-Rig Pro Smartphone Video Rig

Ulanzi U-Rig Video Rig Ulanzi U-Rig Pro Smartphone Video Rig Price: 800 PhP or $15.95

Hello Sweeties,

I have been trying to find a way to make a steadier video for my youtube channel. I chanced upon Henry’s Professional Photo Instagram with a similar video rig Ulanzi but for mirrorless camera.

ULANZI (Shenzhen Ulanzi Technology Co.,Ltd.) is a brand from China and was founded in 2016 by a team of the photography lovers. Specializing in the development of mobile phone photography and other photographic equipment accessories mainly for mobile video accessories such as mobile phone stabilizer, rigs, microphone, LED lights, fixed bracket, lens, tripod, and action camera accessories.

Let me make it clear that this is a not a sponsored post and I paid for the item with my own money.

So I places an order on an online shopping platform and it arrived three days after straight from overseas. I ordered the new U-Rig Pro Smartphone Video Rig, which is one of the newer versions of the rig.  It is perfect for someone who uses a large screened phone like myself.

Picture styled instructions for their user manual

Its like a pictograms, simple and easy to understand

Check out which phones you can use with the Ulansi U-rig (photo from Ulanzi website)

Screw in to a standard tripod, three cold show mounts and 1/4″ 20 tripod threads on the top and one on the bottom (photo from Ulanzi website)

What I like about it so far…

  • It has 3 cold shoe mounts and 2 universal threads, these mounts can be used to mount the  LED lights or a video microphone.  I love that my iPhone 11 Pro Max can be safely attached to it without worry that it’s going to slip.
  • It helps stead the shot, if you are like me and have that weak pulse, so most of the time your shots are shaky like there is a earthquake all the time this is pretty useful, it helps stead your shot and it is works even better if you have a tripod.
  •  It actually fits the largest smart phone with or without a case and the standard tripod with now worries, it has a spring clip but also with a secure screw to screw your phone which makes it very safe for your phone to attach.
  • The rig is very light and made from high grade material so you can carry it without worrying about the extra weight.

Video rig set-up with long with Ulanzi light and Boya Mic

I am very satisfied with this rig, I was planning on getting a rig for my Sony Mirrorless Camera of the same brand but I rarely use the Sony for videos anyway because the iPhone 11 cameras are top to the line after all.  Here is to having better quality videos.

Until next time,


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