Dragon Gadget Unboxing: Fitbit Charge HR

Fitbit Charge HR Size: Small Color: Plum Price: 6999php Available at: Beyond the Box Branches

Fitbit Charge HR
Size: Small
Color: Plum
Price: 6999php
Available at: Beyond the Box Branches

Hello Sweeties!

I have never been inclined to athletics of any sort. Oh I tried a lot of work outs. The best that I actually enjoyed was yoga. My older brother was the one who urged me to take a close look at my health. I am NOT getting any younger and I figured If I wanted to see my grandchildren with all my faculties intact, I would have to make an effort.

This is where Fitbit Charge HR comes in. Considered a great addition to anyone`s work out routine or someone just watching their daily routine to adjust it a bit to make it a bit healthier.

Want to learn more about this new health gadget? Read on!

Fitbit Charge HR Review

Check out your perfect Fitbit size on their box

Before you purchase your Fitbit. You first have to find the perfect size for you. In Beyond the Box, where I got my Fitbit. They have a measuring ban similar to that found in their boxes. You just need to rest you wrist on the box and check if you are a Small, Large or XL (the extra large ones need to be pre-ordered.)

I ended up getting the small size and swapping it for a large (more on that on my Fitbit Gadget Review). Although the size small fits but the advice on the Fitbit.com site was to get the size that would fit loosely according to the site, it should be at least a small pinky finger loose on the wrist, yep not too tight on the wrist. A lot of people hate the tight feeling on the wrist so it is best to choose you size wisely.

Fitbit Charge HR Review Dragon Chatter

Some of the key features of the Fitbit Charge HR

There are different Fitbit available in Beyond the Box.  I choose to get the Fitbit Charge HR, is because of their Purepulse Continuous Heart Rate.  I have Hyper Thyroid  and I try not to strain my heart too much, this feature along with their Sleep Monitor are my favorites.

It also:

  • tracks activities and work outs,
  • Displays running stats
  • Displays caller ID
Fitbit Charge HR Review Dragon Chatter

The Fitbit comes with Wristband Tracker, Charging cable, wireless sync dongle

Fitbit Charge HR Review Dragon Chatter

Closer look at the charging cable and dongle

When I unboxed the my Fitbit Charge HR it was dead/discharged. You have to charge it. The advice was to charge the unit via a laptop or desktop for a more consistent battery charging. Charging time usually takes 1-2 hours max.

Fibit charge

Pairing your Fitbit Charge HR via your mobile or thru your laptop is simple. Takes a less than 10 minutes this requires and internet connection and a bluetooth connection

After the batteries of your Fitbit is fully charged. You can start pairing it with your mobile it can be pair to your Android or iOS phone. Or if your prefer your desk top or laptop via the small wireless dongle.

After pairing your Fitbit via bluetooth to your mobile you can access all your activities there. I usually wear my Fitbit Charge HR at least a pinky finger loose from your wrist.  They also caution against wearing it to the point of developing a rash… let your wrist rest once in a while.

I would like to add that if you are going to do any strenuous activities, it is best to consult with a Physician to better guide you on what is appropriate.

I will be blogging about my Fitbit Charge HR experience soon!

Fitbit Charge HR Review Dragon Chatter

I am ready to work out (wish me luck!) and focus on  my health for once! If you want to get your own Fitbit, I am sure there is one that is suitable for your specific needs.

You can purchase your own Fitbit at any Digital Walker or Beyond the Box Branch

For more tips on how to maximize your Fitbit go to their site: https://www.fitbit.com/

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