Dragon Foodie Review: Noonsaram Dessert Cafe, Katipunan

Noonsaram Korean Dessert Cafe Entrance

Hello Sweeties!

Raffy and I were coming home from an event and we felt like having something sweet on the way home.  We had planed to visit the cat cafe Uchi no Neko, but alas it closed down! To cheer her up, I took her to the nearest Korean Dessert Cafe which was Noonsaram which mean snowman in Korean.

Noonsaram Korean Dessert Cafe Interior

Looking at the interior, I like the general feel of the place. The first floor has the cashier and a few tables, the 2nd floor was roomier and can accommodate a large group.  The wifi is pretty strong, maybe because there are a few diners.  They have an interesting freedom wall, where Raffy left her mark.  So we put our bags down, rested our tired feet and waited for our sweet treats.

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Event: Bene Loves Biscoff a Collaboration of two Great Brands

benelovesbiscoff 8Hello Sweeties!

It was raining pretty hard when I got to Eastwood Walk. A great cup of coffee would be perfect for this wet and cold day. Good thing I was on my way to Caffe Bene for the media launch as two great brands come together. Caffe Bene and Lotus Biscoff.

benelovesbiscoff 17

Caffe Bene is Korea`s largest and fastest growing coffee shop chain with more than 800 stores and counting, the Eastwood Branch is their first store in Manila.  The Bene in Caffe Bene means “good or well”, Korean touches accentuated by European feel.

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