Dragon Foodie Review: Experience Snow at Vampire Penguin, SM North Annex

Hello Sweeties,

Right in time for the season, I found myself attending a Mommy Foodie Meet-up near my wok place.

This dessert place has an unusual name, Vampire Penguin, located at the 2nd level of SM North Annex. Intriguing name, the shop offers their own version of baobing or Taiwanese shaved ice.

Along with other bloggers most of which are mommies met up with one of the owners, Myra San Luis or to be specific she is the Mom of the owners. She narrates that the first Vampire Penguin opened in the US, because her sons wanted a change of pace from the usual  nine-to-five routine. They wanted to start a business that was fun.

Vampire Penguin started their stores in Sacramento and now they have 12 branches in California in the US.  In the Philippine, they have a branch in Ayala the 30th and their 2nd branch at SM North Annex.

Shaved Snow is a novelty in the Philippines, so they are sure it will be a hit in for the Pinoys.

Mango Cheesecake is their best seller

Dulce de Leche is a sure hit for the hispanic community in the US

Halo-halo is perfect for the Pinoy palette.


When I first saw the show and the shaved snow, I am automatically reminded of the classic Filipino halo-halo, the iskrambol, and recently the now popular Korean Bingsu.

We had the chance to try out their best sellers as you can see from the photos above. Traditionally, baobing has shaved ice topped with sugarcane syrup, condensed milk, red beans, and more, but her sons played around with these elements to make the dessert extra special. It took around more than six months to create the right consistency plus the perfect ratio of toppings to evenly spread of flavors.  Personally experiencing the desserts, I have to agree. In most shaved ice I tasted, the flavors are not even but with Vampire Penguin every sliver of snow has flavor and they have a surprise in the middle! You have to try to to find out what it is.

As a special treat for all of the Mommies, we were given the opportunity to taste 2 new flavors that are not YET in their menu, the Orange Dreamscape and the Mango Bago-ong.

New*** Orange Dreamscape contains Popping booba that explodes in the mouth when you eat it.

New*** Mango Bagoong

Good news for those watching their weight, unlike most traditional shaved ice desserts, the snow here isn’t dairy-based, meaning less calories.  It lets you enjoy your dessert until the last bit without getting tired of it. The shaved ice is not weighed down by milk the dessert does not collapse on your plate making it ultra- instagrammable. Their prices ranges from P160 to P225 for the small sized serving and P195 to P280 for the large serving,

Side from the the shaved snow specialties they also have  serve these short orders, of crepes, pastas, puffs, milk teas and fraps.

Chocolate & Strawberry Crepe

Spaghetti Sweet Bologne Sauce

Spaghetti Carbonara

Cinnamon Penguin Puff

Pandan Penguin Puff

I really enjoyed dining at Vampire Penguin, the place is cozy and fun. The food was excellent and unique.

If you enjoy a bit of a cool down and you know how very hot it gets in the Philippines or are craving for something sweet but with less calories but great flavors. Vampire Penguin is the place.

Check out their Vampire Penguin branches:

3rd Floor, AyalaMalls the 30th,
Meralco Avenue, Pasig

2nd Floor SM North EDSA
Annex, Q.C.

They are also open for franchises. Call 02-9425261 or go to their website

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/vampirepenguinmnl/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/vampirepenguinmnl/

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