Dragon Foodie Review: Experience Snow at Vampire Penguin, SM North Annex

Hello Sweeties,

Right in time for the season, I found myself attending a Mommy Foodie Meet-up near my wok place.

This dessert place has an unusual name, Vampire Penguin, located at the 2nd level of SM North Annex. Intriguing name, the shop offers their own version of baobing or Taiwanese shaved ice.

Along with other bloggers most of which are mommies met up with one of the owners, Myra San Luis or to be specific she is the Mom of the owners. She narrates that the first Vampire Penguin opened in the US, because her sons wanted a change of pace from the usual  nine-to-five routine. They wanted to start a business that was fun.

Vampire Penguin started their stores in Sacramento and now they have 12 branches in California in the US.  In the Philippine, they have a branch in Ayala the 30th and their 2nd branch at SM North Annex.

Shaved Snow is a novelty in the Philippines, so they are sure it will be a hit in for the Pinoys.

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Dragon Foodie Review: Sweet Ecstasy Katipunan

Sweet Ecstasy

Hello Sweeties!

I was very curious about this relatively new diner in the Regis Center in Katipunan called Sweet Ecstasy.  It specializes in the all American Food mostly burger, fries, onion rings, chicken and milkshakes. It was very late and I was tired from work and I wanted dine somewhere new.

Sweet Ecstasy Interior

I found the place very comfortable, simple and check out that sink made out of an old drum! Nice ‘no? It was an unassuming shop, the ambiance is simple and reminds me of a 50s diner, similar to Johnny Rockets, movie posters abound, comfortable booths. This branch is quite small.  The place can occupy around 40 people.

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