Dragon Chatter Product Review: Clicking in Pink, A Review of Niye Wireless Mouse Macaron (PINK)

Niye Wireless Mouse Mute Macaron (PINK)

Hello Sweeties,

This is the item that started off my obsession with matching everything for my work at home gear with pink.

For the first two months of the quarantine, I worked on my iPhone. As one of the social media editors of our office page, I was having a hard time typing and posting in real time using my phone. Truth be told I have bad eyesight and the screen of the 11 Pro Max is not enough, I decided to use my 8 year old Macbook Pro, it made things so much easier but alas, the track pad was slowing me down. I needed a mouse. I could not go out nor could I find the an authentic apple mouse online and mind you there are a lot of fake ones that claim that they were the real thing.

I bought a wireless mouse at Daiso for 188php and  the scroll roller was shoddy but for the price and due to the quarantine I had to make do. I was always in the market for a new one and I thought this Niye mouse in macaroon colors was cute.

Ok I admit… it was the color that got to me. Click the link for more.


Product Specifications:

Color classification:  pink

Product classification: rechargeable version

Product size: 105 * 56 * 27.5mm

Product weight: 60.6g Connection method: 2.4G connection

Compatible devices: all computers with USB DPI adjustment: 800DPI / 1200DPI / 1600DPI

Charging method: USB charging

Made in: China

Back view of the Niye rechargeable mouse

That I love about the Niye rechargeable mouse:

  • Come in cute colors but you know me and pink
  • Silent, no annoying clicking
  • Rechargeable using the standard USB cord ( took 1 month before I recharged with everyday use)
  •  Applicable and compatible to the standard USB
  • Compact and smooth to use, but I still use a mouse pad
  • Wireless via bluetooth
  • It turns off when not in use, to turn it back on again you just have to click it again
  • Affordable bought it for 288php or roughly  $6 US

See how to charge the mouse in this video:

What to you think of my Niye pink mouse. It may not be as posh as the apple magic mouse (which cost around P5-K, it works just as smoothly.

Since this is NOT a sponsored post, I will not be leaving a link, you can PM me if you want to know or browse the online shops which for me is more fun.

Along with my Pink K380 Logitch wireless keyboard, see they match


Until next time,


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