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    MIBF2019 OMFLit Selection of Books

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I did not get to attend the OMF Literature book launch at the Manila International Book Fair 2019 because of my day job. I was very happy to receive this care package from my OCI Group and OMF Literature family of the books they released during the MIBF2019.

Mind you there is something for everyone. If you want to  Read more. Live more, click on the link to continue.

Tuli o Di-tuli

Tuli o di Tuli by Luis P. Gatmaitan Illustrated by Manix Abrera P150.00

A lot of young boys and parents specially single Mom’s will find this helpful in explaining to their young sons what circumcision is about, young boys will also enjoy this because of the awesome illustrations by the talented Manix Abrera.

The Last Tree

The Last Tree Story and Art by Gutch Gutierrez P150.00

A story on conservation, protecting the enviornment and hope. Set in a scary future where trees were just the stuff of legends and a quest for hope. Perfect for school age kiddies.


Esther and the Extraordinary Deliverer Retold by Lauren Macaraeg Illustrated by Abi Goy P120.00

A re-telling of Esther’s story anf beautifully illustrated for young readers.

Heart Breaks and Breakthroughs: Making Sense of God’s Purposes for Pain By Bettina Carlos P250.00

How do we move on from a failed romance?  Bettina Carlos talks about dealing with solitude, stigma and suffering. How allowing God into her life and how he shows how none of the pain goes to waste. A excellent read for solo parents.

Papunta Pa Lang Kayo, Pabalik Na Kami: How to Love and Understand your Parents By Ronald Molmisa P150.00

How do we deal with our elders? At times the generation gap becomes too wide that clashes arise. This book will enlighten young people on how to meet their elders halfway or  at least have some understand about them.

Kaya ko pa, Bes! and Othee Lies I tell Myself: A Devotional By Kerlyn Bobadilla, Larizza Dulay, Manuel Zabat II, Marts Valenzuela and Rigel Forteza Edited by Ronald Molmisa P225.00

52-week devotional  on how to deal with the challenge of everyday life. It contains useful  exercises and perfect for young people because it is written in popular lingo.

Bee Thankful Written by Joyce Piap-Go Illustrated by Maria Cristina Sison P100.00

Part of the Dee the Bee Series of books, Bee Thankful is a great way to teach the very young children on how to be grateful.  If you find this book helpful, you can collect the other 8 books that teaches children the very basic but important good manners and right conduct that is lacking in today’s society. .

Shy Shelly and the Big Lie Written by Justine Hail Illustrated by Tristian V. Yuvienco P195.00

The 3rd Book in the Shy shelly Series that deals with honesty, how to deal with consequences of your action and how to ask for forgiveness. It also has a free journal after the story to review the story. Targeted for young children and pre-teens.

Joyful Light: Modern Christian Poetry By Filipino Christian Women P225.00

A great book of poetry that contains thoughtful and Inspirational words from Christian Women . Hoping to give them not just hope, inspiration but also the gift of hope.

Dawns: A Weekly Devotional for Self-Care and Spiritual Growth by Isa Garcia, Janina Marie Rivera & Ida Torres P350.00

I love this weekly devotional, in a world were success is taught to be mandatory people push themselves to the limit, affecting not only their body but also their minds and souls.  Isa Garcia (author of Found: Letters on love, life and God) is one of the writers I admire had a hand in creating this book. I would be doing a review on this devotional that is perfect for young women.

Book Sleeve is perfect for your ebook reader aside from your books

This curated care package is perfect selection of books for Women specifically for Moms with young children and young women. You really need to check out these titles. You can find the books in leading bookstores nationwide or get them on line at  the OMF Literature site :

Which books do you think is interesting? Let me know in the comments.

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