Read More and Live More: How OMF Literature Books Change Lives

    MIBF2019 OMFLit Selection of Books

Hello Sweeties,

I did not get to attend the OMF Literature book launch at the Manila International Book Fair 2019 because of my day job. I was very happy to receive this care package from my OCI Group and OMF Literature family of the books they released during the MIBF2019.

Mind you there is something for everyone. If you want to  Read more. Live more, click on the link to continue.

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Press Release: Pinoy Life Hacks**


Are you struggling through your 20s?
Have you experienced a heartbreak so heavy, you feel lost and unsafe?
Do you worry that you will never find a suitable partner?
Are you a part stressing over the right way to raise your child?

When one is in the midst of a big worry or painful experience, it is very easy to fail into thinking trap that you alone and nobody will understand. Not everyone is willing to confide their deepest fears or lucky enough to have someone who can relate and share learnings that will make life more bearable.

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