While we are spending more time at home, having a book on hand is one of the ways to care and cope. A good book is a source of inspiration, instruction, and insight, especially now that people are in need of encouragement and guidance.

OMF Literature brings inspiring books to those who need it and at the same time, let the readers help out some of the frontliners. Through a purchase of an OMF Lit title on Amazon, we are able to help provide for the needs of the frontliners in the National Center for Mental Health (NCMH), through the Physicians’ Association, Inc.

It’s been one of the more underreported news in the past few weeks: The frontliners at the National Center for Mental Health (NCMH) are in need of items like PPEs, vitamins, disinfectants, and other vital supplies to help them protect and take care of their thousands of patients. Currently there are several cases of both patients and health workers that are already COVID-19 positive and so all the more they need help in containing the spread of the virus.

All eBook sales for selected OMF Lit titles on Amazon for this month will be donated to the NCMH. The titles included are:

It’s Ok To Be Not OK by Federico Villanueva

Language of Grace by Arnel Tan

Lovestruck Sakit No More by Ronald C. Molmisa

Passion and Power by Various Writers

Enough Is Enough by MelMarie Caparros

A Night Bird Sings of Blindness and Fear by Janina Rivera

Letters to A Single Woman by Karen Huang

Gentle Disciplines by Jonathan Nambu

Grace at Work by Grace D. Chong

Allowance Na Hindi Bitin by Ardy Roberto and Philip Roa

Regret No More by Nelson T. DY

Heartbreaks and Breakthroughs by Bettinna Carlos

Doing more for the Frontliners

Other books from OMF LIT can be availed online, through SHOP.OMFLIT.COM. Moreover, OMF LIT is donating 30% of its April 15 to May 15, 2020 sales to the health workers of Mandaluyong City Medical Center, the only government hospital within the community where OMF Literature office is located.

Throughout this period, OMF Lit will extend FREE SHIPPING for a minimum order of P500. But as with all other products and services during this ECQ, kindly extend patience and understanding, as orders may be delayed.

We are grateful for your every purchase which allows us to make a small but significance difference in the lives of our brave frontlines. Thank you for making our books part of yourpost-ECQ life.



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