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Hello Sweeties!

I hardly ever go out in the evenings. I try my best to be home ad have dinner with my beasties, but I just could`t say no to an invitation from Rerminisque Bistro.
Reminisque Bistro is Metro Manila’s newest go-to place for foodies and pub crawlers steers clear of the usual culinary fix being served by nearby restos and cafes in the area. Instead, it focuses on exquisite, traditional Filipino cuisine, but the kind that incorporates fresh new ideas with delicious regional taste.  They  opened their doors to the public last July 30, and as the name suggests, this cozy dining hub aims to provide a venue for adult professionals and yuppies who are craving for some straight-up, comfort grub with the distinct feel of hometown goodness.

I love the interiors, it reminds me a lot of a bar I used to go to when I was in my 20s… plus it has Voltes V. That in itself is a conversation starter.

Almost everything that comes out of the kitchen is a specialty prepared in classic, flavorful glory: kansi, a rare Ilonggo delicacy that straddles the fine line between bulalo and sinigang, is a huge hit among regulars, especially after giving its thick, tangy taste a try.

Curious about their menu? Read on!


Beautiful spread lovingly prepared for the bloggers

Check out some of their bestsellers:


Kani Salad


Kare-kare Noon is a personal favorite. I loved that they separated the vegetables from the main meat and they used minimal sauce.


Their Sisig is so crunchy and served with pita bread.


Delicious Lengua in mushroom sauce


Linguini with Smoked Tinapa


Fish and Chips



Reminisque Menu

Menu from Reminisque Bistro Facebook Page

Their traditionally prepared kare-kare brings a slice of home: earthily smoothened and savored with grounded peanuts and roasted rice grains. Reminisque Bistro also offers lengua—a rich and tasty ox tongue recipe in creamy mushroom sauce and red wine; the classic sisig with pita—a popular Filipino appetizer that goes well with beer and surprisingly, pita bread.


Left to right: Chef Richard Nazareth, Ms. Ynna Matias and Mr. Jun Adventura

“We hired a chef, experienced in creating various dishes including his old recipes gathered,” Ms. Ynna Matias says about how they sort through and curate the food in their menu.  She along with Chef Richard Nazareth and Mr. Jun Aventura during the Media Night


Extensive selection of wines and sprits

Reminisque Bistro’s homey, modern Filipino interiors are the perfect setting for people who just want to unwind after a stressful day at work. A service cocktail bar features a wide array of drinks—pure, concocted and fondly stirred with alcoholic mixes, spirits, vodka, seasonal fruits, and sweeteners.

Their private function rooms with 35-seating capacity can also hold special meetings, gatherings, and small parties.


Top photo: Pido guitar/vocals and Jerry Pineda on Sax Bottom photo: Joshua Desiderio of Freestyle

Apart from its cozy, contemporary ambiance and delightful homegrown food, Reminisque Bistro holds themed nights that cater to adult audiences seeking for nostalgic music of the past. Their pool of DJs plays expertly curated songs that span from the ‘70s, ’80s, ‘90s to the present while acoustic performers provide guests with relaxing chill music that they can sing along to and enjoy in the background.


Check out their daily events line up

So if ever my hubby and I can finally get away, we will check out Reminisque Bistro and look back at out youth and dance the night away.

Visit Reminisque Bistro at Scout Lozano Street corner Tomas Morato, Quezon City. The bistro is open daily for lunch up until the last call, which is usually at 2:00 am.

Call (02) 4415302 / 0476182093 for inquiries and reservations.

Like their Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/Reminisquebistro/


Until next time!


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