Event: Turn Back Time Reminisque Bistro Press Launch

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Hello Sweeties!

I hardly ever go out in the evenings. I try my best to be home ad have dinner with my beasties, but I just could`t say no to an invitation from Rerminisque Bistro.
Reminisque Bistro is Metro Manila’s newest go-to place for foodies and pub crawlers steers clear of the usual culinary fix being served by nearby restos and cafes in the area. Instead, it focuses on exquisite, traditional Filipino cuisine, but the kind that incorporates fresh new ideas with delicious regional taste.  They  opened their doors to the public last July 30, and as the name suggests, this cozy dining hub aims to provide a venue for adult professionals and yuppies who are craving for some straight-up, comfort grub with the distinct feel of hometown goodness.

I love the interiors, it reminds me a lot of a bar I used to go to when I was in my 20s… plus it has Voltes V. That in itself is a conversation starter.

Almost everything that comes out of the kitchen is a specialty prepared in classic, flavorful glory: kansi, a rare Ilonggo delicacy that straddles the fine line between bulalo and sinigang, is a huge hit among regulars, especially after giving its thick, tangy taste a try.

Curious about their menu? Read on!

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