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I consider Marikina as my second city. I just love shopping and dining in the area. It is no surprise that there are these beautiful ancestral houses converted into restaurants.  At J.P. Rizal Street of San Roque close to Kaptan Moy and the 15 Hundred year old Diocesan Shrine and Parish of Our Lady of the Abandoned Church, Casaño Italian Fusion stands relatively new to the area barely 4 months. A lot of people mistake Casano for a classic Filipino restaurant, maybe because of the classic 50s home ambiance that reminds me of my grandparents house in Malolos.

Wooden floors, antique wooden window panes you see in the provinces of Bulacan, Cavite or Vigan.  The windows are open most days and look very clean with the white gossamer curtains billowing as cool air blows through. The sight out of an old Sampaguita Pictures Movies, all very romantic.

Casano 2

Old house converted into a Italian Fusion Restaurant


Simplicity and functionality at Casano.

They also have a old school turn table that actually works, it plays old and new vinyl records the owners favor the modern mp3s and disc of the modern age.

I was fortunate enough to be invited Casaño`s food tasting by Zomatoph.  Are you curious about the dishes served? Read on!

Casano 5

Cucumber Lemonaide 70php

We started with a welcome drink called Cucumber Lemonade, according to our host Brian, they source the ingredients for this drink that is a refreshing choice and a great alternative to the classic iced tea they also serve.


Casano 6

Baked Ham Croquettes 100php

The ham is wrapped in cold béchamel and then deep fried to golden perfection. They actually serve it in spoons like these. It was a surprise for me to find out that this product does not have any cheese in it since it is so tasty. They recommend that you consume this dish whole from the spoon to get the full experience.


Casano 7

Cannelloni 210php

Baked pasta Cannelloni filled with Spinach and Cheese.  What can I say? Heaven in each bite! Coz you got me when you said it was cheese. (lol). I like that it is not too creamy and that the baguette is large enough to finish off all the sauce that was left in the plate after I was through with it. Nice filling vegetarian lovers dish.

We also got to try out their create your own pasta option.

Create your Own Pasta samples: Each plate with your choice of Pasta, Topping and Sauce priced at 210php per plate.  This I think is an excellent way to have variety in your pasta meal. For my beasties Italian dishes are their comfort food.  I am glad somewhere nearby lets you DIY your own meal.


Aglio Olio with Shrimp and Spaghetti Pasta

I love that it is seasoned so well. The shrimp is a great addition as topping and it is not oily. This is one of my favorites.

Casano 9

Chicken Arrabiatta in Rigatoni Pasta

I enjoyed this pasta dish, The chicken was crispy but not dry. We were told that you could also adjust the spice level of all the pastas. I would like to try this dish with the spice leveled up slightly.

Main Entree

Casano main entrees comes with a side salad and your choice of starch (rice, mash potatoes or fries)

Casano 8

Herb Crusted Salmon 350php

I am not a salmon fan, I feel that there is a slight “lansa” after taste. But I loved Casano`s Herb-Crusted Salmon, the salmon was fresh and moist and no aftertaste, the mash potatoes are actual potatoes not the powdered kind. You can have the Salmon dish with rice or fries but I think when you have it with the potatoes you will not have it with anything else.

Casano 13

Roast Pepper Beef 290php

The Roast Pepper Beef was ok. I would have liked it with more pepper and instead of rice served with the awesome mash potatoes.


Casano 14

Apple Strudel ala mode 140php

The Apple Strudel was piping hot from the oven when it was cut. The ice cream melted as I mixed it with the piece I had. The hot and cold mix on my mouth as I consume this flakey crunchy dessert was an experience I want my kids to try.

The good news is that all the prices posted on their menu,includes the 12% Vat but subject to 10% Service Charge making Casaño Italian Fusion one of the more affordable Italian Restaurants in the Marikina area.

They also serve Burgers , they have their all-meat burger the Italian Stallion that is a quarter pounder Italian burger patties topped with lasagna bolognese! Talk about food coma!

Casano 4

I love this quirky mural created by one of the owners

I plan on taking my beasties to Casaño Italian Fusion to try out some of the other dishes on their extensive menu. Another plus is that they have 2 parking lots, so you don`t need to park on the street while dinning. I have to warn you, they have no wifi and would want their diners to bond over a nice meal rather than be glued to their gadgets.

You can actually come in Casaño and feel right at home, it gives that homey feel to it that you have no need to get all that dress up to eat a really nice Italian Meal.

Thank you Zomatoph and Brian of Casaño Italian Fusion for inviting me.

Like their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CasanoRestaurant/

Until next time!

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