Event: Our Muni Market Day Experience


Beasties posing in front of the Tent

Hello Sweeties!

What do you usually do during the weekends? Well, when I don`t have a blogging commitment I tend to spend a lot of time with my beasties. You can with the photo posted above that both of them are in teenagers and I tend to have a hard time coaxing one the other to accompany me anywhere.

It makes me really happy that they agreed to come with me to check out the Muni Market Day at Capitol Commons, Pasig City.


Muni.ph Information Booth

I heard about Muni Market day from Jen Horn, she is best known as Nomad Manger, an environmental advocate that encourages people to promote mindful living via her web blog and website Muni.com.ph.

She was one of the speakers at a BDJ Rendezvous and she gave out prizes during her talk. I was one of her twitter contest winners and I can only get my prize during the Muni Market Day.


A live band is playing when we arrived

The kids and I are unfamiliar with the Pasig area and we got completely lost! I must say Capitol Commons is one of the nicer abet lesser known shopping area in Pasig, It reminds me a lot of the UP Town Center when it was just starting out. Wide open space, a park perfect to jog, do Yoga or Zumba a little Thai Chi or to walk your pets.

My beasties, and I came in a bit late we got lost, so in the end it was almost 11 AM when we got there. We checked out non-food stuffs first. This is a photo heavy post ahead, we warned.


Jarod poses with these interesting bikes


Beautiful Hats and bags using native weaves

Jarod fitting the cute hats…Bruno Mars much?


These are actually soaps sliced as cakes, and my favorite Bath Wash The Cream Factory

This booth is filled with a lot of cake slices but don`t let that fool you, they are actually divinely scented soaps!


Candle and wine holders


V&M Organic skin care products

Wooden candle holders and wine holders for sale.


Women’s Accessories and cellphone holder, all made of indigenous materials.


Waxed canvas & leather goods from gouache. Marikina made products!

These are really quality leather goods.


Raft picking out a Tala Luna Oxfords

The beasties and I headed to the Tala Luna Booth to pick up my prize of have Raffy pick out her Tala Luna shoes. Tala Luna is a Philippine Brand and uses native handwoven textiles. So fashionable!

After checking all the dry goods the beasties and I decided to try out food stuffs.


Picole Pops

It was pretty warm out, the beasties and I tried out Picole, Yummy Popsicles. These are healthy pops. Healthy, irresistible, high quality and honest-to-goodness healthy ice pops.

Jarod loved the strawberry (juicy pop), Raffy had the Pistachio Siciliano and I had the Belgian Chocolate. These are low calorie pops that are not only tasty but around 48- 138 calories per stick!


Utak Berde Booth:Fresh Fruits Juices

imageFresh Start Organics & Natural , they sell organic foodstuffs.

Ecologically, socially and economically sound practices in organic agriculture.
imageKalsada great breads and Philippine Coffee
imageTheo & Philo Chocolates and spread. They have their own version of Nutella! Jar was pretty hyper after tasting the samples!
imageWe tried out the Fresh Ginger Ale!

imagePreserves and bottled sauces.

imageThe first time I tried vegetarian bagoong.
imageSambali Plants for sale
imageThe beasties and I had such fun wandering the booths. After a while, the weather turned cloudy and perfect for having out outside.
image My beasties with Jen Horn, the Mastermind of Muni Market Day. Excuse my son`s shifty eyes… he was looking at some of the food.

wpid-photogrid_1428074258190.jpg Muni Market Day Haul

Our Muni Market Day haul.

Tips when attending the Muni Market Day.

1. Come Early, not only is the weather cooler but you get great bargains since some booth give great discounts when you are early or “buena mano” price.
2. Bring your own ec0 bag. Booths give discounts when you bring your own bag.
3. Sign up for the talks, crafts and Yoga
4. Avail of their free taste, taste everything offered
5. Sit down and enjoy the free live performances
6. Bring a friend, your kids the entire family.

I really enjoyed the Muni Market Day. I hope they have another one, hopefully still at the Capitol Commons.

More information about the Muni Community : http://muni.com.ph

Until next time Sweeties!


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