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I love dining out at interesting places. I was lucky enough to be invited at one close by, the Katipunan area. The place is not really hard to find, but you can`t  find it since it is not obviously seen from the street. As you can see from the photo above the place exudes mystery.

Exile means to be away from one’s home, while either being explicitly refused permission to return and/or being threatened with imprisonment or death upon return.

This Exile on Main St is named after the owners favorite album by Rolling Stones. Like their other branch in Malate Exile on Main St Katipunan is tucked away.

Exile Seats

Painted Seats

Let me talk about the entire look of the place. It reminds me of one of my artist friend`s house. The place is unique unto itself. The tables were formerly window panes or doors. The each chair has a special art work drawn/ painted on it.

Exile Sexy Section

They have this Sexy area where glamorous women from the 50s have their photos displayed and colorful high heels grace the ceiling

This is my favorite area. Colorful, fun and vibrant. A lot of  myr friends would find this area perfect for a themed get together so we can gossip or rant.

Exile is a place for students, professionals, artist (you can see by the artworks) and whoever wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The place itself is interesting enough to visit because of the ambiance. I will talk about the dishes they served after the break

Exile Paintings for Sale by student artist

All the paintings are for sale! They were created by awesome students from different schools in the Metro

The menu names are so interesting. Music themed! lol.

Their food philosophy is simple and direct, they serve dishes that they love to eat and the way they enjoy the said dishes. This is the reason why they make their own sales, dips, breading, batters, crusts, salsa, sausages, desserts, pies from scratch. Yes. everything is Exile made and produced.

Exile Front Acts

Front Acts (Appetizers) Left: Gimme Shiitake (135php), Right: Grudge Nachos (175php) Bottom: Longganisa Con Sinta (125php)

I really enjoyed the appetizer. You can have this plus a brew.

Gimme Shirtake – Shiitake Mushroom encrusted in chive crumbs and garlic wasabi mayo dip

Grunge Nachos – Nacho chips and special salsa made its diced green mangoes and apples

My favorite is the Longganisa con Sinta, fried longganisa dumplings served with diced green mangoes and apples. With just the right mix of spicy and sweet. One of the more creative appetizers they had.

Exile Headliners

Headliners Frequent Flyer Chicks 6pcs: (130php) with rice, 12pcs( 216php) Left: in China, Upper Right: Texas, Lower Right: Java

You can pick your choice of sauce to go with these wings, in fact you can also order two different sauces for the twelve pieces( Stopover chicks). China, Spicy-savory soy sauce and honey coating. Texas, smokey tomato-based barbecue sauce and Java, Creamy satay or peanut sauce.

Exile Headliners Pinoy Best

Headliners: Upper Left: Drunken Dory 130php, Upper right: Torn & Frayed (160php), Lower left: Baboy O`Riley (135php), Lower right: Monggo Tinana Mo! (95php)

Baby O`Riley – ultra crispy liempo with your choice of wing sauce

Drunken Dory – Cream dory covered in Cerveza Negra (beer) pair with lemon caper sauce and this one is served with rice

Monggo Tinana Mo! – This is my favorite, my husband prepares his monggo dish this way with gigantic freshly popped chicaron topping hence my love for it.

Exile Second Set

Second Act: PASTA Top: White Stripes (155php), Lower left: Sunshine Pesto (120php), Lower right: Doritos (180php)

Exile on Main St. makes they own pesto from scratch. So it is guaranteed fresh.

The White Stripes – Pasta with Fennel Sausages, made in house (as well) and tossed with roasted garlic and basil cream.

Dorytos – Pasta cooked in tomato and cream sauce with herbs and seafood broth and topped with pan seared Dory!

Sunshine Pesto – This is my favorite. Basil leaves, garlic, parmesan, cheese, extra virgin olive oil, and nuts.

Exile 4`Shroom Pie

4`Shroom Pie (120php)

4`Shroom Pie -This is an eggless pe, filled with Enoki, Button, Shiitake and Oyster Mushrooms in Herb Cheese Sauce, a dish that has gain a cult following. I liked it because it is very filling and vegetarian.

You will notice that Exile is vegetarian friendly too.

And now for the best part, you are like…What?!  There is MORE? Oh did I forget to say that they also create their own ice cream? Seriously how much better can this get?!

Exle ala mode

Encores : Left: Y Tu Mama Brownie (85php) Right: No eggs-were-harmed-chico banana with fudge (45php )both are ala mode

For their Encores  they over brownies..

y Tu Mama Brownie – Dutch Cocoa, semi-sweet Chocolate and walnuts served with caramel sauce.

No-Egss-Were-Harmed-Choco-Banana-Cake with Fudge – this is Choco- banana cake extra moist topped with Exile`s homemade peanut butter fudge

You can have these fudgie delights as is or ala mode, choose any of their home made ice cream and add 50php – 65php.

Exile Ice Cream

Exile’s fresh Ice Cream Upper left: Chocolate Chip, Upper right: Earl Grey Ice Cream Middle: Spoon samples Lower left: Butter Pecan Lower Right Revel Bar  Single Scoop (65php), Double Scoop (120php) Triple Scoop (175php)

Home made ice cream! They use whole milk, pure cream, eggs and natural bourbon vanilla beans for the ice cream. They have 5-6 flavors (Roasted Butter pecan is my favorite) and they offer some new seasonal flavors as well. They hope to sell them by the pint (yes please) soon.

The ice cream is creamy not overly sweet and of course a cup is NOT enough. lol

I so enjoyed all the dishes served at Exile on Main St. I love the off beat ambiance, the art decorating the place which I am told could change with every season or when a painting or artwork is sold. I like that it is cozy and hidden away from view making it seem like a secret hide out.  The price range is not bad, in fact it is designed for students or practical thinking individuals like myself. Now I am sharing this place with you.

Will be come back with my beasties soon!

Exile Iced Tea with a Storm trooper

Until next time!


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