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Hello Sweeties!

I finally get to write my experience on a beauty aesthetics. I know it is a cliché but I have no time for it. I was very thankful that Finessa Aesthetica had this event for Bloggers to try out some of their services.

Finessa 3

Front desk and waiting area of their Timog Avenue branch

Located at  front of McDonald’s Timog Avenue Q.C., behind BDO.  At first glance the place was small but very clean, classic and posh.

The staff offered me a cold or warm drink as soon as I came in.  Filed up their information form, they had all the clients fill up the form, mostly the questions were about your health status. I asked their reason for this, their RN (Registered Nurse) Erica informed me that they want a complete health status so their Doctor can use the information for a personal evaluation and for them to concentrate on the best service for their clients.

I was asked what service I wanted to try out. Since I did not want anyone to touch my face…that would take a lot of trust on my part, I opted for a Lipo Laser service.

Want to know about my experience? Read on!

lipo machine

Lipo Laser (1350php) uses ultrasonic waves to lyse (burst) fat cells. Lysed #fat #cells are drained via the lymphatic system and exit the body in the form of urine and feces. It decreases number of fat cells resulting to a slimmer appearance of the treated area, with up to 1-3 inches lost per session, especially when paired with ReForm.

Like I said, this is my first time to try any slimming treatment anywhere, so I really had no idea what to expect. My aetheician / Nurse Erica ( I heard they are all Registered Nurses at Finessa another plus about this Beauty Center), was very knowledgeable about the procedure.

She told me step by step what`s going to happen:

  • They will be using this machine above to massage the fat out of my stomach. (you can also use this on the arms, thighs)
  • It takes 10 minutes on each side of my stomach.
  • They will be using very cold gel on you to ease the procedure on your skin
  • You will hear sound as the machine is pressed the machine
  • The procedure is non evasive and no operation needed.
  • The nurse will measure you before and after the procedure
  • You will lose a few cm in just one procedure.
  • Ideally you need to do this procedure once a week if you want to lose more inches
  • You can have this procedure every 3 days since the body needs rest.
  • This is an only supplement for proper diet and exercise
  • You need to rest at least 30 minutes to one hour before having a meal and don`t drink anything cold to drink or the fat they burned will harden again

This is experience after the procedure /Downtime:

I want to apologize for NOT having any photos posted on my stomach before or after. I really don`t want to put you off my blog.

  • I felt very comfortable during the entire procedure. It helps that the Nurse Erica was very knowledge and welcomes all my questions.
  • Other than the loud sound from the machine during the procedure, I guess that will be muted since it come from the ultrasonic machine.
  • I felt very thirsty after the procedure, I had 2 glasses of warm water after
  • I lost about 2 cm of fat in my lower abdomen and 1 cm off my upper the same day
  • my stomach felt a bit bloated
  • For the next couple of days I had loose bowels and it was oily.
  • I need not feel any stomach cramping after the procedure

Will I try the procedure again? Maybe after I loose more weight via diet and exercise. But I do recommend this for those who want to tighten certain parts of your body.


Finessa Lipo Light Wrap, you will lose up to 500 calories for every 30 minutes session

I also got a chance to see the “egg” or their Finessa Lipo Wrap bed. With Mommy Lariza trying it out.  Basically, she will seat a lot inside the egg bed.  You have to note that you need a thermal suit for the procedure to be more effective. I really didn`t want to try this myself because I am claustrophobic and I dunno want to do with myself for an hour inside the egg.  I would like to suggest that they have a small TV or have music playing in the back ground inside the room while this procedure is on going.

Finessa Dragon Chatter

This is their Gluta Drip area where the client can wait until their procedure is finished. They can nap or watch a film

Finesse Dragon Chatter

Finesse Aesthetica Treatment Menu

Why visit Finessa Aesthetica?

Finesse Aesthetica Inc. boasts the best non-invasive technology is slimming and skin care in the Philippines, under the direct supervision of board certified dermatologists.

Their aesthetician nurses are all well trained and board certified.

All skin products are hypo-allergenic.

Their Skin and body equipment and instruments are cleaned, sterilized using the same method hospital use for their equipment to prevent transmission of infection.

Here are some of their treatments:

v-Finessa-AestheticaBody treatments include Tunnel, Sauna, PDT light, Full Body Exfoliation with dead sea salt, tightening, toning, and slimming problem areas with Body and Abs sculpture, Sound Wave Slimming System, Non-Invasive Ultra Liposuction, Cryolypsis, and Ultra-Cavitation.

Acne scarring and wrinkles can be improves by Fractional Laser Resurfacing.

The wide array of lasers at the clinic can address practically any skin issue including age spots, unsightly veins, unwanted hair, unwanted tattoos, acne, and psoriasis.

The physicians also perform : as Botox, Fillers, etc.

The in-house nurses:  injection of IV Glutathione, Vitamin C, Collagen and Placenta in combination or as a drip.

Finessa 5

The Bloggers from Finessa Aesthetica Bloggers Night

It was a very interesting and informative night for me at Finessa Aesthetica. I would probably try out another service soon, probably getting my first facial ever.  The place is bright, comfortable and client friendly.  I felt very rejuvenated and well taken cared off after.

Thank you to the awesome staff of Finessa Aesthetica, Timog Branch for accommodating us.


One of their current Promo

Finessa Aesthetica Branches:
25 Timog Avenue corner Scout Tobias, Q.C.
(02) 376 7651
(02) 426 8888

129 Katipunan Avenue
St. Ignatius Quezon City
White Plains

203B Pergola Mall Aguirre
E Gaches & Gil Puyat St.
BF Homes, San Dionisio Paranaque

Email :

Until next time!


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