Blogger Event: Discover, Compare and See A New and Better You with Finessa Aesthetica

Finessa Aesthetica

Hello Sweeties!

I finally get to write my experience on a beauty aesthetics. I know it is a cliché but I have no time for it. I was very thankful that Finessa Aesthetica had this event for Bloggers to try out some of their services.

Finessa 3

Front desk and waiting area of their Timog Avenue branch

Located at  front of McDonald’s Timog Avenue Q.C., behind BDO.  At first glance the place was small but very clean, classic and posh.

The staff offered me a cold or warm drink as soon as I came in.  Filed up their information form, they had all the clients fill up the form, mostly the questions were about your health status. I asked their reason for this, their RN (Registered Nurse) Erica informed me that they want a complete health status so their Doctor can use the information for a personal evaluation and for them to concentrate on the best service for their clients.

I was asked what service I wanted to try out. Since I did not want anyone to touch my face…that would take a lot of trust on my part, I opted for a Lipo Laser service.

Want to know about my experience? Read on!

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Event: Stop Greying Hair with Grey Away Anti-Greying Treatment

Greyaway launch

I have been plagued with white hair ever since I turned 40. I know I know I a still one of the lucky ones since I know a girl in my hight school as young as 14 who had whites in her hair.

The greying of the hair, after all, is a sign of aging – and you like most people want to look youthful.

Looking and being old – through it has some advantages. My vanity would not permit me to age all too soon. That is why, when I was told that there is this new breakthrough product that would bring back my original hair color. I jumped at the chance to witness it`s launching.

Want to know more about this product that promises to bring back the black? Read on!

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